Russell Westbrook committed the most ridiculous travel you'll ever see

BY Dieter Kurtenbach • January 19, 2017






That's how many steps Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook took before beginning his dribble on a possession in the third quarter of his team's contest against the Golden State Warriors Wednesday.

No. Seriously. He took five steps before he started dribbling.

Luckily, the refs figured it out somewhere between steps four and five and called him for traveling.

This travel is so outrageous, so preposterous, that you can't even put yourself in the same mind space as Westbrook in that moment.

Did he think no one would notice? That no one would care?

We know the NBA is lax on calling traveling, but was Westbrook attempting to test the limits of that leniency? Was this an experiment? Should we be thanking Russ for finding the upper threshold?

We just don't know. Right now, we can only laugh.

And laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh...

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