Marcus Smart issues apology after throwing temper tantrum on Boston bench

BY Rob Perez • January 25, 2017

On Tuesday night, the Washington Wizards blew out the Boston Celtics, 123-108, in a battle that had some added intensity after the teams' second meeting two weeks ago...


... and the Wizards showing up to Tuesday night's game dressed in all black for what they called a "funeral".

As the Celtics went to the bench for one of the game's final timeouts, guard Marcus Smart threw a pretty decent temper tantrum in a heated exchange with the assistant coaches:

Celtics coach Brad Stevens and Smart commented on the altercation and the state of the team following the game:

And shortly after interviews with the media, Smart took to Twitter to apologize for what transpired:

Sounds like this tiff is now water under the bridge — but certainly something to keep an eye on moving forward...

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