Is Marcus Smart adding a post game?

BY foxsports • November 4, 2015

There's a lot to like about Boston Celtics point guard Marcus Smart. He's a ferocious defender who goes hard on every possession, hits the deck for loose balls and uses his muscular 6'4" body to make opposing point guards pay.

But he's still developing, with an offensive repertoire that's miles away from its ceiling. And in the season's first few games, Smart's already shown improvement in a few unexpected ways. Here's a closer look by SB Nation's Celtics Blog:

A post game is always nice, but Smart should first focus on evolving out of the pick-and-roll, attacking the rim and drawing fouls. 

The usual focus is on the defensive versatility that his size creates. See his gutsy defense on Kawhi Leonard the other night for one of many examples. However, Smart can use his frame to his advantage on offense too. When establishes position, he's showing an ability to punish smaller guards. There haven't been many looks at Marcus Smart's post game this season, but the limited reps have been encouraging.

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