Is Kyle O'Quinn in for a breakout season?

BY foxsports • September 3, 2015

The Knicks may have hit the jackpot when they signed Kyle O'Quinn this offseason.

Sure, the former Magic isn't going to be an All-Star. He's not even going to be a star. But he can be pretty darn helpful, and he's certainly someone who can outperform a four-year, $16 million contract. Over at Posting & Toasting, Jonathan Schulman thinks O'Quinn could start and become a prominent player in New York:

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O'Quinn averaged 5.8 points and 3.9 rebounds per game with the Magic last season.

(h/t Posting & Toasting)

The Knicks seem adamant that Carmelo Anthony will play small forward. So the Big O'Quintessential actually might get a chance to start from day one! Kyle's skill set really shows him to be a center. He is a little shorter than your average NBA center, but has very long arms and the bulk to stand his ground. Plus you can float him out much higher than Lopez, and with any luck that keeps your floor balanced. Thusly he can easily co-exist with a true blue center.

"Why the hell would they start O'Quinn?" you ask. Simple. He's a staunch enough post defender that he can block shots and clear the defensive possession. He is not elite, but he is exactly one of those guys that makes sure everything is in working order on the court. O'Quinn's a smart high-low and backdoor passer that can keep the defense honest with a consistent stroke on little touch shots and set jumpers. New York fans will also love the way he crams everyone behind dastardly screens. Is he going to amaze a casual viewer? No, I would guess not. He is, however, poised to help the Knicks' gears start turning. Here, my dear, let's you and I take a look at some highlights from a completely normal game, against a talented Washington Wizards squad from last season.