Is Brad Stevens already close to solving the Celtics' spacing issue?

BY foxsports • November 4, 2015

The Boston Celtics have not played their best basketball this season, and most of that's due to an offense that can't generate open shots or gaping lanes.

With so many players looking to drive and not as many knocking down outside shots (or simply convincing the opponent that they're capable of doing so), head coach Brad Stevens may switch up the Celtics' starting lineup. 

Here's SB Nation's Celtics Blog with a healthy suggestion:

Olynyk's three-point shot could solve a lot of problems, but Stevens may need to alter his entire rotation.

To make matters worse or better depending on how you look at things, we still haven't seen the best of Kelly Olynyk. It could be like this all season: a guy goes cold in the starting lineup and Stevens calls for the next man up off the bench. It could be a match up thing where Zeller plays against quicker centers and Sullinger grinds it out vs. bigger 5's. There's this traditional thinking that a team should have a consistent starting lineup and rotation to be successful, but with the depth at Stevens' disposal, he may need to manage this roster more like a baseball team and just go with what's working.

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