What kind of impact will rule changes have on 2015 season?

BY Larry McReynolds • November 22, 2014

We all know that changes are coming down the pike for Sprint Cup Series teams in the 2015 season. Included will be changes to the car as well as changes to the engine package. When you combine those two changes, plus the no-testing rule that NASCAR has implemented, we really have a lot of unknowns heading our way when we head to Daytona in February.

The reality there is that, as we all know, Daytona isn't a real measuring stick, because the restrictor-plate tracks like there and at Talladega have their own set of specific rules.

Despite winning four races this past season, Jimmie Johnson will be the first one to tell you that the No. 48 never found what they needed to be consistent in 2014 with that rules package. The question then becomes how quickly they and others can get their arms around the new 2015 rules package.

You have to assume that when this new rules package pulls a little downforce away, it will put things more in the direction of where we were in 2013.

Unfortunately, it's just way too early to tell how this will affect things, plus we know there are more changes headed our way.

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