Waltrip crew workers on the move

BY foxsports • November 15, 2011

Musical chairs are in the works at Michael Waltrip Racing.

Members of the No. 47 JTG/Daugherty crew, that were contracted by MWR, have been told their services will not be needed beyond Dec. 2.

Most of the employees will not be displaced and will instead work directly for JTG/Daugherty Racing. JTG/D plans to move out of MWR at the end of the season and return to its building in Harrisburg, N.C. Most of the staff is already in place said team owner Tad Geschickter.

On Tuesday, Geschickter said, “the fab shop is completely hired and the body shop is too. We’re still going to be hiring additional people to fill a few spots.”

Geschickter’s relationship began with MWR and Toyota at the end of the 2008 season when driver Marcos Ambrose competed in the final four races. The following season, Geschickter partnered with Brad Daugherty and JTG/Daugherty was formed.

For the past three seasons, JTG/D has worked under the MWR roof. The No. 47 team had its cars and pit crews provided by MWR. Last month, the team announced that veteran crew chief Todd Berrier will continue in that role for driver Bobby Labonte as well as serve as general manager for JTG/D.

Geschickter has already hired his front- and rear-tire changers and jackman for next season.

JTG/D’s departure from MWR opens room for the No. 15 car that will be piloted by Clint Bowyer. Brian Pattie is expected to be named crew chief for that squad on Dec. 1 and will choose his own management team. As far as a pit crew is concerned, a deal is in the works that would bring one of the Red Bull Racing squads to MWR for Bowyer’s team if investors can’t be found to salvage that company.

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