NASCAR drivers may chase just one title

BY foxsports • January 10, 2011

You want to chase a NASCAR title this year? Fine, but you have to pick just one.

NASCAR is requiring drivers to choose only one from among its top three series — Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck — to pursue a championship, reported.

NASCAR has not officially announced the change, but several drivers told about seeing the requirement in their applications for 2011 competition.

"The brand-new license forms that are out, there's a box and in it, it states that you have to mark — put an X — what championship you're running for," Kenny Wallace told the website.

Wallace said the application reads: "A driver will only be permitted to earn driver championship points in one (1) of the following three series: NASCAR Sprint Cup, NASCAR Nationwide or NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Please select the series in which you would like to accumulate driver championship points. Choose one."

Carl Edwards finished fourth in Sprint Cup for 2010 and placed second in the Nationwide standings. Last year’s Nationwide Series champion, Brad Keselowski, finished 25th in the final Sprint Cup standings. Under the new rules, they would accumulate points in only one series.

It’s not clear how NASCAR would score a race with “non-point” drivers. An announcement from NASCAR about the 2011 season is due next week.

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