Gordon claims truck towed over sponsor issue

BY foxsports • October 30, 2010

Robby Gordon said track officials had his pickup towed out of a private driver/owner lot at Talladega — apparently over a sponsorship issue.

''It's gone,'' Gordon said. ''I guess it's at some impound yard somewhere. But it's my personal truck.''

This weekend, Gordon unveiled his own brand of energy drink, Speed Energy, and the company's logo was on the side of his truck and on his race car. Sunday's race at Talladega is sponsored by a rival energy drink, Amp Energy.

''I can appreciate Amp Energy sponsoring the race, but they don't sponsor me,'' Gordon said.

Gordon said other drivers have personal vehicles that feature logos of sponsors that are competitors with official NASCAR or track sponsors.

''I just talked to a couple other drivers,'' Gordon said. ''They're Coke (sponsored) drivers, and they're like, 'Well, can we not have Coke on our golf carts or not have Coke on our cars?' This one's a confusing situation for me.''

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