Dennis Smith Jr’s Dallas mural better than LeBron’s in LA | The Dose

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[MUSIC PLAYING] - Hey. It's Kaime.

- And I'm Grubes. Welcome to "The Dose."

- Well, everybody has heard the news. LeBron James has officially signed with the LA Lakers, and the city has a mural dedicated to "The King" himself.

- You know, that is a pretty sweet mural. But speaking of which, that reminds me that I actually commissioned a mural myself, and you can see it and [INAUDIBLE].

- You did?

- Oh, yeah.

GRUBES: Kaime, this is really exciting.

- Mm-hmm.

- Ta-da.

- This is it? Oh. Who is that? I don't get it. Oh. Oh, me? You think that's me?

- Yeah. I drew it myself.

- Great. Awesome. OK, um-- yeah. I'm gonna take you to the real mural.

- Why?

- This is a real mural.

- Oh, wow.

- It's the Dunking King of Dallas.

- Dennis Smith, Jr. Looks just like him.

- Yeah. OK, so we really need to work on your, uh-- art skills.

- Why? I'm the king of MS Paint.

- Oh, gosh. We'll catch you next time on "The Dose."