Jeff Banister on Cole Hamels’ 5th inning vs. White Sox

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Jeff Banister discusses the pitching for the Texas Rangers following Sunday afternoon's loss to the Chicago White Sox.

- Well, I thought he was pretty efficient through the first four. Situation there in the fifth-- strikeout on a ball in the dirt that we were unable to get to and throw the runner out at first base or make a tag. Then after that, they attacked early. Looked like they got some balls out over the plate for some hits and some good base running on their part to take extra bases on some of the throws that we were trying to throw runners out.

But it was a situation where, you know, the fifth kind of seemed to get away from him a little bit. You know, some balls a little bit elevated in certain situations, but I thought he was pretty efficient, effective, through the first four.

SPEAKER 1: You guys have been so good lately at capitalizing on opportunities. Law of averages today?

- Well, it's-- as baseball has it. And you look up, and we've-- bottom half of the fourth, and we've got bases loaded, and we don't get a productive out there. We don't get a base hit there in that situation. And then, the top half of the fifth, we don't make a play, and they capitalize.

And we have been extremely efficient, effective, in those situations here lately, and it's-- you know, their guy is pretty tough. I mean, he threw the ball very well today. You know, he had his breaking ball in play. He had the high fastball and the running fastball that really kept our guys off balance. But, you know, still the at-bats, I felt like we were in the game. We took some professional at-bats, and we just-- a couple situations, we just didn't get the big hit.