Wayne Rooney’s two goals lead DC United over Portland Timbers

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Wayne Rooney scored twice, including a beautiful free kick in DC United’s 4-1 win over the Portland Timbers.

ANNOUNCER 1: Rooney. Timed his run. Attinella's out! Rooney answered that! And in the net! It's in the net! Wayne Rooney timed it. Scored it. And DC United just tied it.

Wayne Rooney here [INAUDIBLE] the maestro. The approach, the strike. It's in the net! It's in the net!

ANNOUNCER 2: Center of the dividing position and he hits it well. Attinella full extension.

ANNOUNCER 3: Cleared. A footrace the other way. Look who's running hard after it defensively. Wayne Rooney. The net is empty. Big collision by the captain. That is unbelievable effort. Rooney putting one up for Acosta. Header! Goal!