Columbus Crew SC vs. Vancouver Whitecaps FC | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Columbus Crew SC and Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

ANNOUNCER: It is up, and it's going to stay up. And it's going to be running right into the face of Columbus Crew SC, in the opening half, Neil, as they go left to right.

NEIL SAKA: He is nudged off the ball. Here's Mutch getting froward. It's sent across and Shea won't get there. Kamara has a good look at a follow. And it goes high.

And it's been a good addition for Vancouver so far. Here's Santos. Marinovic gives up a fatty! Zardes! That infectious smile returns. He's got his fourth. It's 1-0 Columbus in the 29th.

ANNOUNCER: Another effort from distance. This one about 25 yards out. Parried away and just nobody in a friendly uniform to help clean up. Santos can drive a ball, see the little dip? Skipped up. Makes it very, very difficult to hold. So the parry to his left. But I think the goalkeeper has to expect a bit more help than that.

NEIL SAKA: Continues their roll. Columbus Crew SC trying to keep up. Galaxy also seeing their former striker with his fourth goal of the season. Or hearing about it.

That's Jiménez, and he heads it right into the path of Kamara. Now Ibini. Vancouver looking to concoct. Across the face. Shea has got an easy hammer home. As Steffen dove out and the 'Caps tie it. It's Shea's second goal, they both come on the road. 1-1 in the 52nd.

ANNOUNCER: You see he's kind of leaning forward then backs off. And this is just a really good attack at that point. Through the six, deflected is the ball by Steffen. And actually set up Brek Shea perfectly. And of course he's got that dominant left foot. He knew what to do with this ball. And just what the Vancouver head coach asked for.

Looking pretty good. Be careful.

NEIL SAKA: Promising build up and now the 'Caps try and counter. Looked like a hand ball that wasn't called. Davies continues on. He rounds the keeper, Steffen. The Canadian phenom has scored. Vancouver leads 2-1.

Kamara draws the double team, splits them. Ball deflects up. Maybe a hint of the right hand there? No goal, they're taking it back.

For Abubakar. Here's what he got. Header, Kamara! 2-1. Oh, and you've see that time and time again here and everywhere. For a man who's head of the class when it comes to scoring goals like that.

ANNOUNCER: Starts on the left side, good patience. Pass in. And redirected by Kei Kamara. Felipe, it's a really good ball in. And Kamara gets the better of Wil Trapp in that one v. one.

He's up too.

NEIL SAKA: Need something good on this corner here. Artur! Oh, crossbar.

ANNOUNCER: Well, it worked in the first half, didn't it? But he couldn't quite get the angle. This time he gets it on target, but just a touch high. Robinson happy with the size and strength of the guys he has on the field. He is not anticipating--

[INAUDIBLE] on the corner kick that hit the crossbar.


The shot there from distance. And that's going to be the last play of the game.

NEIL SAKA: The 'Caps love coming to Columbus. It's their fourth straight win on the fairgrounds, going back to 2012.