Houston Dynamo vs. New England Revolution | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Watch full match highlights between Houston Dynamo and New England Revolution.

- Real trouble Caicedo is going to lay it on. It's Penilla into the box. It's one on New England.

- Bunbury does very well here to stay onside, stay even with the ball. How do people--

- Tried to get around that favored left, and couldn't get the shot off. Bunbury. It's break out time. Be careful here. Here is Penilla now. With a touch away from Beasley. He's dumped. He's brought down. What's going to happen here?

He's the last man. What is going to happen here? It's is a red card. DaMarcos Beasley is gone. The Dynamo will go down to ten men.

- This is all Beas can do here? If he doesn't, Penilla--

- Dynamo only lost once at home all of last year. They've got to kill off the set piece. It's bent-- oh, it bounced off the crossbar. What a hit from Dielna. and the woodwork saved the Houston Dynamo here, now down to 10 men after DaMarcus Beasley sent off.

It's the pace and the dip on this. Chris Seitz knows as it's hit, there's nothing he can do about it. His best friend bails him out.

Two goalkeepers wouldn't have gotten there. Speed and penetrators. Over the top it comes. Here is Penilla. He's been pretty impressive here. MLS team of the week. Still Penilla. Lots of stepovers on Machado. Gets a shot off and a goal. Oh, what a hit from Penilla.

Are you kidding? We may be talking about Zlatan Ibrahimovic today. We're also talking about Christian Penilla.

Because he's patient. [INAUDIBLE] Machado very patient, which is exactly what you need to be. [INAUDIBLE]


- And that does it. The Houston Dynamo go down for the second time this year. Remember last year, 12, one, and four. At home this year they go to one and two.