Watch 2 incredible debut goals by Zlatan Ibrahimovic | 2018 MLS Highlights

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores 2 amazing debut goals for LA Galaxy.

ANNOUNCER 1: Long throw [INAUDIBLE]. It's going to fall for Ibrahimovic! Oh, come on! Come on!


ANNOUNCER 2: Not that any of us should be surprised, though, Stu.

STUART HOLDEN: LAFC have just been Zlataned. Welcome to Major League Soccer! Take a bow! Sensational! Did you think he was going to live up to the billing? Of course he did! Out of this world! Every superlative you want. What a way to announce yourself to Major League Soccer. Amazing!

ANNOUNCER 1: A world-class goal from a world-class player.

Has Boateng open on the near side. Instead looking for Ibrahimovic. He knew he was offside and left it alone. Cole picks it up. Cole's cross-- Ibrahimovic! Are you serious?

STUART HOLDEN: It doesn't get much better than this, folks. The man of the moment. He was always going to steal the show.

He does so well, first of all, the awareness here to know he's offside. When the ball comes over the top from Husidic, he's offside. But then he leaves it. He doesn't get involved in the play. And Ashley Cole, just stand it up. Zlatan will go get it! Beats Tyler Miller to it.

MLS. Welcome to Zlatan! 2 goals on his debut. And that's why everybody was so excited to have Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Major League Soccer. He just gets it done.