AC Milan vs. Arsenal | 2017-18 UEFA Europa League Highlights

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Watch first leg highlights between AC Milan and Arsenal.

COMMENTATOR 1: From that one. Arséne Wenger's future with Arsenal in doubt, once again going into this game.

COMMENTATOR 2: Well it was a great response. Apart from maybe three or four minutes in the opening game, saw AC Milan huffing and puffing. They didn't have the class. The energy. And the quality. And Arsenal did, with Mikhitarian and Ozil. I thought they was excellent. Their movement was good. Positions they took up was excellent.

COMMENTATOR 3: Um. Mikhitarian loves this competition, doesn't he? Fantastic last season with Manchester United. Helping them go all the way, Arsenal will be hoping for the same. He was a constant menace down that right-- that left side for Arsenal. And this one, he comes back on his right foot. Takes a wicked deflection here. Off of Bonucci. Up and over. Past Donnarumma. Into the back of the net. And Arsenal were off to a good start. They just kept building from that, didn't they Warren?

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah. Their first 45 were as good as, probably we've seen this year. Which is maybe not to say a lot, but hey. At least there was a sign. Defensively, couldn't make the midfield had a good balance. Front three was causing problems. Against an AC Milan that have been in tremendous form.

COMMENTATOR 3: And just the constant theme was the pace and the power that Arsenal had. And Danny Welbeck was getting in behind. This one, he doesn't quite connect on the strike. But he just providing an outlet, forcing the Milan defense to drop back a little bit deeper. Mikhitarian again. From almost an identical move for the goal. This one hits the crossbar. Thought that was the end of the first half, but it wasn't. He still had another chance.

COMMENTATOR 2: This shows you the conference. That little flick there by Ramsey. Welbeck goes out of control. But just look at the calmness and the quality of Ozil. Puts it on a plate. And again, Arsenal come early to tuck it away. Maybe the little bit of confidence they need. The first 45 minutes, with the energy they used, the quality they showed, was superb.

COMMENTATOR 3: And for Milan, this it's probably their best chance of the game. In what was a very overwhelming performance for AC Milan.

COMMENTATOR 2: Yeah, I was a bit disappointed with it. I expected more.