Borussia Dortmund vs. Atalanta | 2017-18 UEFA Europa League Highlights

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Watch first leg highlights between Borussia Dortmund and Atalanta.

ANNOUNCER 1: --host to Atalanta. Let's dip in to these highlights.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, this was a game, end-to-end. Dortmund, we know, going forward are very, very exciting. And Schurrle, the ex-Chelsea player, tucks that away. Stu rightly said earlier on, he's in a good run of form, and playing well.

Don't even go there, my friend. Just leave it.

ANNOUNCER 3: Well, there's some poor defending here at the back post from Jeremy Toljan--


ANNOUNCER 3: --who just misjudges this one as a full back. Warren, I'm sure you can relate.

ANNOUNCER 2: [INAUDIBLE] wasn't aware, my friend.

ANNOUNCER 3: And then, yet again, on this occasion, doesn't get a look at his shoulder, doesn't see where the attacking player goes.


ANNOUNCER 3: Shades of Warren Barton, two goals conceded. It was 2-2 at that point.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, aye?

ANNOUNCER 3: Well, it was almost 2-2, because here comes Batshuayi. This man has been on fire.

ANNOUNCER 2: He'll be on fire in a minute. That is a great finish. What a striker he is. He feels comfortable. He feels a man. He feels a leader.

ANNOUNCER 3: He can't get the winner, surely.

ANNOUNCER 2: Don't go there.

ANNOUNCER 3: And it comes to him. And what a turn, on the half-turn again. And he is at it. Batman--