Jeff Green knows Game 7 will need to be taken, because it won’t be given

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Green describes the Cavs' necessary mindset for Game 7.

- That's what we supposed to do. It's the next man up. We've got to do whatever it takes to win the game. And when he went down, the next man step up.

REPORTER: So how much resolve does it give you guys as you head to Boston?

- It's great. It's great. Great confidence. We know what we have to do. We're going to a hostile environment. We're just going to go out there, play hard, and leave it out there on the floor.

REPORTER: Jeff, that stretch, about a five minute stretch in the second quarter, I think it started with one of your dunks, like 20-4, what worked so well for that entire group? I think it was four guys off the bench and LeBron.

- We got stops most importantly. We got stops and got out in transition. Made shots and made the right play.

REPORTER: Jeff, all kinds of rebounds, second-chance opportunities against a defense like theirs, how important can that be, and how important was it tonight?

- It was great. Whenever we have extra shots and guys getting off those rebounds, it was big for us. If we kick it out we have shooters, but we also can attack and go back up. So as big as an extra position, so we have to take advantage of it.

REPORTER: I know LeBron's LeBron, but did you notice anything different just mentality-wise considering it's an elimination game, before the game, during the game, anything different in him?

- Nah. He's being LeBron, he's doing great things. I mean, there's nothing I can say. I mean, he's doing what he do.

REPORTER: Jeff, there was a moment in a huddle--

REPORTER: [INAUDIBLE] on the line.

- How can I--

REPORTER: He looked tired and worn out, and all of a sudden, 44.

- That's a question you've got to ask him. He missed a lot of shots in the last game. This game, he came out, and he was taking the same shots, taking what the defense gave him, and he willed us to win.

REPORTER: How good was it to see a young player like Nance come in?

- Larry's been doing that all series. He's been contributing, giving us great energy, great energy out the bench, and great reduction. So we expect that from him to come out, give us a good spark.

REPORTER: Jeff, you had a moment in a huddle down the stretch where you told the guys that we have to take it. How fitting is that mindset, and what does it mean in regards to applying that in Boston on Sunday?

- We have to 100%. All 48 minutes. Like I said, we're going into a hostile environment where the crowd is going to be loud. They're going to feel out the crowd, but we've got to go in that building and take the game. We can't allow it to come to us, we have to go out there with aggression, and an aggressive mentality that we have to go in there and take that game, because it's not going to be given.

REPORTER: What's the biggest thing you think that allowed you guys to keep the Celtics a little off balance tonight?

- We were physical on the defensive end, got stops, got in transition, and got them off balance, got them off whack in their offense. So we've got to continue to do that.