Martin Brodeur and Sean Avery spar again, this time over Avery’s ‘Dancing’ turn

Them's fightin' words: Avery and Brodeur. 

Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

Martin Brodeur and Sean Avery are at it again. 

The New Jersey Devil and the former New York Ranger famously came to blows while Avery was in the NHL, and now they’re sparring again over Avery’s short-lived turn on "Dancing With the Stars." 

Avery and long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad were the first two stars sent home in the reality series’ 18th season. 

When asked what Brodeur thought about Avery and pro partner Karina Smirnoff’s early elimination, the Devils’ goalie couldn’t resist shaking a stick at his former opponent. "What more could he do to embarrass himself?" Brodeur added. "There it is!"  

Of course, Avery is not one to take a potshot lying down. He fired back on Twitter: 

Avery deleted that tweet and then came back with this post, which appears to be a dig against Brodeur’s personal life: 

He also had choice words for his Garden State detractors: 

H/t Deadspin for the deleted tweet.