Kings coach’s son with Down syndrome hoists Cup in beautiful moment

The Los Angeles Kings won their second Stanley Cup since 2012 on Friday night with a 3-2, double-overtime win over the New York Rangers in Game 5 of the finals.

And as the trophy was passed from the hands of Los Angeles captain Dustin Brown on, it landed in those of Darryl Sutter’s son, Chris.

Chris, who is 21 and was born with Down syndrome, lifted the Cup over his head with a wide smile in a moment that truly ascended the game — Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshynski hits the nail on the head with his caption:

Darryl, who has made it a prerogative in his life to reach out to other families who have children with Down syndrome, told The Toronto Star earlier in the week:

“You understand their emotions, because most special-needs kids, their emotions are what drives their life. They always have extreme emotions, either really happy, or really sad, really mad, something, eh? Strong," he told The Star. "It’s because they have good hearts. Like Christopher has a great heart. If Christopher was here today, you’d all love him. You’d want to go do something with him. It’s just what he does. He can pick up how you’re feeling, it’s how he is. It’s an amazing thing. So that has had a big impact for me, us.”

The Kings players seem to feel the same way about Chris, who is a big supporter of them.

“He feels like a brother to me,” Kings forward Anze Kopitar said on NBCSN after the game, with Chris at his side. “You know, when we get down during the season, since it is such a long time, he comes in the room and he jokes around with us, we play a little basketball with him just outside and he always lightens up the mood. It’s so, so nice to have him around now.”

NBCSN analyst Jeremy Roenick also asked Chris for his thoughts on the Stanley Cup win. Listen to his response below. It’s perfect.