Bieber touches Cup, Twitter explodes

Tuesday began bad enough for Justin Bieber, what with the NHL’s resident King Goon blaming him for interrupting the players union’s meetings.

But it’s what he did Tuesday night that may make him a marked man in every NHL arena . . . and, gulp, perhaps even his native Canada. You see, he was in Chicago for a concert . . . in the Blackhawks’ home arena. You remember what the Blackhawks just won, don’t you?

Yup, that happened. And as you can imagine, hockey fans, not exactly cut from the Belieber cloth, went off.

Blackhawks fans better hope this guy is right.

Adding to the furor, Bieber actually stepped on the Blackhawks’ logo, an absolute no-no.

What’s more, he did it in Chicago. You know what happens when you cross the wrong people in Chicago.