Blackhawks teammate burns Toews after captain agrees to massive deal

Chicago teammates surround captain Jonathan Toews.

Victor Decolongon

Chicago Blackhawks forward Jonathan Toews’ demeanor has earned him the nickname "Captain Serious."

Which really bugs him, apparently.

"I don’t like it at all," he told the New York Times last year. "Guys have known for a few years that’s how they can push my buttons."

Apparently, teammate Patrick Sharp is one of the guys in the know. After Toews and forward Patrick Kane signed matching $84 million deals on Wednesday, Sharp took to Twitter to give his captain a shot:

That’s it, Sharpie, hit him where it hurts.

Apparently, Sharp has a prior history as a prankster:


"There is nobody that is more fun to pick on than Johnny Toews," Sharp told "I guess I have the reputation of giving guys a hard time in the locker room, and Toews is my No. 1 target all the time."

That kidding has reportedly led to the demise of a hockey stick or golf club in the past, but eventually Toews comes around and is able to laugh it off.

"Maybe my nickname is getting stretched out a bit, but, hey, I don’t mind it," Toews said to the league’s website. "If you can make fun of yourself a little bit, then it’s great."

Then again, that anecdote doesn’t exactly speak to his easy-going nature — though it does exist:

With news of the deal, Blackhawks fans can relax — even if their two-time champion leader decides not to.

[h/t: The Score for the story]