Clay Greenfield OK after vicious hit in Daytona | 2018 TRUCK SERIES | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Highlights: Clay Greenfield gets out of his truck under his own power after a violent crash into the outside wall.

ANNOUNCER 1: Haley couldn't run this race last year because he wasn't old enough. So this is his first time here at Daytona.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, he went to Talladega.

ANNOUNCER 3: Number 3, number 3!


ANNOUNCER 1: Hard hit again. 68 of Greenfield.

ANNOUNCER 2: Looks like Matt Crafton might have gotten to the outside wall too. But hard, hard impact.

ANNOUNCER 1: The 28 of Bryan Dauzat. The 7 of Korbin Forrister.


ANNOUNCER 1: See the 88 of Crafton's got heavy damage.

ANNOUNCER 2: Heavy damage to the 88. Just about ripped the tail off that truck. The engine woes. Problems they had under the hood. Lost all their track position running in the back and eventually got-- crashed here. Dauzat looks like he might have escaped major damage.

ANNOUNCER 1: See some damage to the right rear quarter panel, but-- just hope Clay's OK.

ANNOUNCER 3: That was a big hit for Greenfield. And you see safety crews to him immediately.

ANNOUNCER 2: Remember Clay had a wreck in his dirt car over the winter. Broke his wrist, had to have surgery on it.

ANNOUNCER 4: Look at that truck, Phil. How it's twisted around.

ANNOUNCER 1: Looks like a banana, doesn't it?


ANNOUNCER 1: That's a great sign right there. Clay getting out of that truck waving to the crowd.

CREW (OVER RADIO): You're all clear. All clear on the top. Both sides-- Hang tight there, hang tight.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, Matt was going to try to shoot the middle there when Clay was up the race track. Oh.

ANNOUNCER 2: That hurts me.

ANNOUNCER 1: Look at Cody Coughlin on that job he does. He was right behind the 02 of Austin [INAUDIBLE]. Austin's got his right front fender damaged.

ANNOUNCER 2: And earlier he was down in the dirt on the back straightaway. He just keeps avoiding messes.

ANNOUNCER 1: Could have collected so many more, even than what it did. The red, by the way, has come out. So they are going to stop the trucks over between turns three and four.

ANNOUNCER 2: Watch right side of your screen. The 68 comes back down, because Matt was going to try to go up through the middle. He had committed to the middle of the race track. Look at Jordan Anderson in that three truck. Just held it as low as he could, and made it by still trying to avoid spinning trucks. But nice job by Jordan.

ANNOUNCER 1: Justin Fontaine-- that white truck going out the bottom of the screen also did a nice job avoiding that.