NASCAR Race Hub’s top 50 drivers of all time: 38-33

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'NASCAR' Race Hub' unveils drivers 38 through 33 on their list of the top 50 drivers of all time, voted on by 21 crew members on the show.

- Let's go ahead and meet the next set of drivers. The first 12 are behind us. Now we go to number 38, Buddy Baker. 19 career wins, and three times he won the Coke 600.

SHANNON SPAKE: How about this guy? Number 37, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 26 victories, two of those in the Daytona 500. And oh yeah, those two Xfinity Series championships.

HOST: Speaking of two Xfinity Series championships, Martin Truex, Jr. in at number 36. One season ago, eight career victories. Now 16 wins and a title.

SHANNON SPAKE: Larry, you mentioned Denny Hamlin. He comes in at 35th. He's got to southern 500 victories and a Daytona 500 win.

HOST: Let's hear from his old teammate, Carl Edwards. Semiretired, is that what we'll call him? Number 34 for cousin Carl, who has an Xfinity championship, but never--

SHANNON SPAKE: And there he is.

HOST: --at the top level of NASCAR. Number 33.



SHANNON SPAKE: Double three. That's for good luck. 21 victories, and of course a cup and Xfinity Series championship. Congratulations!

- It was hard to write my name down.

- Were you nervous?

- I was trying [INAUDIBLE]. Who are you talking about?

- Were you a little anxious as these numbers? Because, I mean, you had to assume that you were probably somewhere in either this group or the very next one, because I know where you voted for yourself.

- Yeah.

- Were you getting a little nervous there?

- I was. I was like, I'm glad I got in front of some of those guys, that's for sure. Especially with Carl, he retired. If he doesn't come back, I should hopefully stay in front of him and Dale Jr.

But yeah, it's quite an honor. When I was looking at it, I was like, I'm in front of Martin Truex today, Hamlin, wow, Dale Jr. And I was getting a little nervous, and I didn't know. But I mean, obviously, it's just quite an honor to be part of it, because I had a cool career doing racing a lot, and to get voted in the top 50 by a lot of the Fox people is really very humbling.

- We have talked a lot on this show about putting aside the off track accomplishments and focusing truly on what people have done on track to make this the best definition of the top 50 drivers that we can come up with. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. we just saw.

- Yeah.

- It's very difficult to look the other way on all he has meant to this sport away from the race track. But you put his numbers on the screen. 26 wins, two Xfinity titles, two Daytona 500s. He was an unbelievable driver when he had his opportunity, Larry.

- Yeah, I know there's probably a lot of people going to say, well, it was a popularity vote. It was not a popularity vote because of the numbers you just talked about. Now, this could go back to, OK, what have you done for me lately?

But when you take a full snapshot of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s entire career, I mean, he won the All-Star race at Charlotte as a rookie. I mean, the numbers just keep stacking up. And let's face it. When you talk about 26 cup wins, that's a lot of cup wins. I don't care who you are or how long you've been driving.

SHANNON SPAKE: See, I think, I mean, I know you said what have you done for me lately? I think, personally, Martin should be higher than where he is on this list, given his Xfinity Series championships. I mean, 16 victories. It's just 10 less than what Junior has. And of course, the Cup Series championship. But again, is it the extended body of work that you guys are looking at, rather than just a short period of time?

- I'm only one of the 21 that vote, so I can only speak for myself. But yeah, I think Adam said this earlier. If we move back in time one year, I'm not sure if we're having a lot of conversation about Martin Truex, Jr. So much happened in a short period of time.

HOST: Regan, Denny Hamlin does not have a championship. But when you look at the versatility of the tracks where he has won, very impressive resume.

- Well, Denny's won on every racetrack there is. And he's got the Southern 500s. He's got the Daytona 500. And he's been in the discussion of a driver that is basically the best in the circuit right now to not win that championship. He could win that championship this year and all of a sudden jump even further up on this list. It's so hard to say, because now we're starting to talk about guys that are still active. We're talking about guys that are still adding to their resume and continuing on to go.

- I look at Carl Edwards. He won the Xfinity championship, he won the Coke 600. But he's got 28 wins.

HOST: Yeah.

- And retired after last year. But yet, he didn't have a Cup Championship. He's not a Hall of Fame nominee. He's not a Hall of Fame member. But yet, at the same time, winning those 28 races, the Xfinity championship, the Coke 600, I mean, I think that gets him somewhere above some other guys that might have won a championship.

REGAN SMITH: Those 28 races, they're tied for 27th-most all time. So that's pretty high up on that list.

BOBBY LABONTE: It is. And that's where you go back. And you can't just go with one stat. You have to look at it all around. And you can't go with what you think personally. You know, you've got to take your emotion out of it and you've got to look at the whole picture. And that's what makes it so hard to go through here and have it all, what we think is correct.

HOST: And how many other drivers in our top 50 countdown could stand on the door after running 500 miles and do a backflip? If nothing else, that should get him in the top 50.

- And it helped.

- Let's also say this about Carl. We've got to point this out, that when Roush was maybe having some of their struggles, he was the one guy you can continue to count on winning races. And now we're getting into some of these guys that I've raced against that I can sit there and say, hey, you know what? He got more out of that car than what it had in. And he was that guy that could always get that added little bit extra. So that, to me, I weighed that heavily on my votes, as well.

- And three series, right? I mean, it wasn't just--

- He won races in all three series.

- --it wasn't just the one series.

- I know he does not have a championship. But what I watched him do at Homestead-Miami Speedway in 2011, racing Tony Stewart, that race alone would put him in the top 50. I have never seen two drivers drive a race car harder in my life than those two guys. I know he came up second in the points. But it was all due to a tie breaker.

- We're going--

- A tie breaker, but there was also a race in that season that he probably should have, or almost did, win at Darlington, and he didn't, that perhaps cost him that championship. He reminds me of it all the time. That's why I got to bring that up.