Daniel Hemric to drive the No. 8 in Cup Series debut at Richmond

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Daniel Hemric stops by 'NASCAR Race Hub' to announce his Cup Series debut in the RCR No. 8 car, with sponsorship from Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff.

- A hot start to 2018 in the NASCAR Xfinity Series for Daniel Hemric. He is with us now on NASCAR Race Hub. Happy to have you in studio for the first time in 2018.

- It's so good to be here. It's definitely on good terms, so good to see you guys.

- Yeah, we're going to pull the wraps off the car you're going to drive at Richmond. New sponsor. Let's go ahead and unveil what you'll be behind the wheel of when we head to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Here it is.

- Let's check this thing out, man.

- I'm pumped, man.

- Whacha got? Oh.

- Now that's a beautiful race car, but the one thing I'm noticing, Daniel, it's number eight and not number 21. What's the story here?

- Man, it's so incredible for me to announce my Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series debut with Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff on board, in a beautiful Camaro ZL1, so it's going to be in Richmond but in two races in the Cup Series.

- You're going to do double duty. Next month when we get to Richmond, Virginia. How did this deal come about? It's really just a matter of RC, you know, Richard, just believing in me and he set me down at the beginning of the year and said Daniel, I'm committed to you. I want to make sure I give you all the opportunity I feel like you've worked for. Just incredible to know that Smokey Mountain came on board. It's going to give myself that shot. This will be their first Cup Series debut for them. It's going to be an incredible opportunity for myself and them being involved. Just ready to get going.

- Man you've been working for something like this your whole life. I mean, you're from North Carolina, been at RCR second year. The fact that you get the race cup for Richard Childress Racing, what does it mean to you and what are your goals for your first race?

- It truly is incredible. Like I said, a couple of years ago I never thought I'd have an opportunity to run in any of the top three series, let alone be making my Cup Series debut. So it's just a lot of hard work went in, a lot of different owners over the years that pushed, even when I thought there was nothing to push for. I'm just fortunate enough to have all those people's support. And to know that it's happening and when we go to Richmond it's all about trying to log all the laps, make sure, you know, my teammates, on Austin Dillon and Ryan Newman and Ty Dillon, you know, over at [INAUDIBLE], all those guys that have helped me throughout the Xfinity series over the last year and a half, and make sure that when the time comes, we can put together a solid result.

- A North Carolina boy truly living out his dream, but making your cup debut with car number eight. This is a significant number when you look at the history of the sport.

- It surely is. You know myself being from Kannapolis, North Carolina, and knowing what this number means to that area, to the Earnhardt family, to all of NASCAR, it's just unbelievable to know that I get to be the first one to drive the eight car or eight number in a Cup Series. It's been a long time, so hopefully we can do it justice, and I look forward to having a shot at it.