Dropping the Ball: Nick Wright reveals why Lonzo needs to go to the G-League

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Reacting to the Los Angeles Lakers' loss to Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers, Nick Wright tells Cris Carter and Jenna Wolfe that the only way Lonzo Ball will get better is if the Purple and Gold brass send him to the NBA's developmental G-League.

- What I would do with--

- You stole a joke that we stole?

- Mm-hm, stole, stole.

JENNA WOLFE: That's a double steal.

- Yep, I played for UCLA.


- So I would do with Lonzo--


--is I would consider putting him in the G League. That used to be the D League. I'd want to call it my the correct name.

JENNA WOLFE: Gatorade League?

- Yeah, the G League. If you're not going to play him in 20 minutes, and he's not going to have any confidence, I would say-- hey, because we know Lon-- we know Lonzo can hit some free throws. He hit about 70% in college. We know he can finish around the rim. He had above 70% field goal percentage in the paint in college. We know he's not the worst three-point shooter in the world. He was an above-average-- not great, but an above-average three point shooter in college.

Let him get his confidence back by playing against guys like he played against in college. Because last night, going up against another rookie-- granted a guy a year older in Ben Simmons-- he did not look like he belonged in the same league as that guy.