Maryland pushes past Iowa 91-73

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Maryland shot 56% from the field in their 91-73 win over Iowa.

COMMENTATOR 1: Nicholas Baer on the top of that pressure, 3/4 court, tough to pass around.

COMMENTATOR 2: Carter with the nice lob and Bruno Fernando puts it through.

COMMENTATOR 1: Darryl Morsell doing a good job of jamming the outlet path.

COMMENTATOR 2: Beautiful dribble, handoff and Nicholas Baer knew exactly what to do with it. They're not accustomed to the building being half full too, Steven. That was a great back door pass. Well done by Dion Wiley, just into the game. Little stop and go, there by Moss. High off the window, the back board kind. Maishe Daley, giving it up. Working one side, Vincent can't get it to go. Well defended there by Cekovsky. And he's the trailer, here. Feed and fan the big fella. Morsell on a blow by. Boy and he just split that double team. --Came into play right there. Nice pick from Pemsl. Did you see that? That was one heck of a pick by Cordell Pemsl.

COMMENTATOR 1: Yeah. He can reverse pivot, face you up.

COMMENTATOR 2: Ooh, a near steal, Bohannon stays with it though. And there's a watch.

COMMENTATOR 1: Good call.

COMMENTATOR 2: Well, Cowan stayed with him and forced it. Now a technical on Fran McCaffery. He was already boiling. And another technical and he's been thrown out of the game. First, it was Donny Eply.

COMMENTATOR 1: They need to grab him.

COMMENTATOR 2: And then Ball Borofsky.

COMMENTATOR 1: Yeah. They need to grab him.



COMMENTATOR 2: As is oftentimes the case, it is building up over time.

COMMENTATOR 1: Yes. Yeah, that wasn't the only thing that just set him off.

COMMENTATOR 2: No. And for those of you just joining us, Fran McCaffrey, the head coach of Iowa, was tossed in the last five minutes of the first half. There again, inside off the dish from Huerter. Fernando just taking it right to the opposition's chest, can't get that one to go, numbers. Moss, and 1. And this Iowa team, you can see is inspired. They're all smiles over there. Huerter trying to stay with and does a nice job defensively of inducing Moss into that shot. Cowan, end to end to Huerter for 3.

COMMENTATOR 1: Well those two have great chemistry.

COMMENTATOR 2: You know, Iowa had their struggles some in the last half of the season a year ago, but still were on the precipice of getting in the tournament. And for them to be where they are, 0 and 4 now, you can see the desperation with which they're playing tonight. Here's Bohannon knocking down the 3. --Add that the emotion of what happened with their head coach in the first half.

COMMENTATOR 1: And settled for a contested jump, we could have put that down.

COMMENTATOR 2: A blow by, yes, and 1.


Bohannon gets the foul. This game is far from over. Morsell, on a baited straight line drive.

COMMENTATOR 1: --To the hole, he doesn't foul.

COMMENTATOR 2: How about that? Hello. How do you do? Quick show on the pick and roll, there. Alley oop, he is more than marvelous. Bruno Fernando. He is better than an amazon.

COMMENTATOR 1: Now look at him, getting the crowd going. Man.

COMMENTATOR 2: That is bringing down the hammer right there.

COMMENTATOR 1: I didn't think he was going to be able to get that. I thought it was too far out of reach and he was like, no, it's not.

COMMENTATOR 2: That was a little Stacey Ottman-esque. Blast it man, can-can right there.

COMMENTATOR 1: I'll tell you what. I mean, he took the pressure, he still got it down.

COMMENTATOR 2: And the door finally closes on this evening, 91-73. And really enjoyed it, as always, Steven.

COMMENTATOR 1: Yeah. Great job. Boy, it's an entertaining game. Like you said, Tim, score is not indicative of how competitive it was.

COMMENTATOR 2: No question.