The internet isn’t quite on board with Deontay Wilder’s costume explanation

Deontay Wilder really went out on a limb with this his pre-fight costume on Saturday.

And according to Wilder, that elaborate get-up refused to let him get up for the fight.

Wilder placed the blame for his lackluster performance on the 40-pound full leather suit of armor that he donned while walking to the ring.

The outfit included a crown and face mask bejeweled with rhinestones and LED lights.

If you thought Wilder looked flat on Saturday night, there you have it. There is his explanation.

But as with any controversial sports topic, ‘there you have it’ is never enough.

To put it plainly, not a lot of folks bought Wilder’s explanation – or excuse – whatever you choose to call it.

Is it reasonable? Sure. That thing sounds suffocating.

But, it was his choice to wear it, wait around in it and finally walk out it in.

On top of that, Wilder was responsible for even more weight, considering he gained about 20 pounds for the fight.

Fancy suit aside, Wilder lost. And there is no shame in losing.

But there is a bit of shame in this specific explanation as to why he lost.

It seems like he’s putting up more of a fight now than he did in the ring.

Here’s how the internet reacted:

Wilder has since confirmed that his camp will exercise its rematch clause for a third Wilder-Fury tilt.

Let’s hope that next time, he eliminates all the extras.