Check out the ‘Future’ of boxing: This 5-year-old’s got moves

We’ve seen the "Future" of boxing, and it’s impressive. 

That’s Nijee "The Future," a 5-year-old with razor-sharp jabs and a mean left hook. 

He may be little, but he’s got big boxing moves. Check out this video of this pint-size pugilist’s enthralling skills: 

His moves are so striking that Nijee’s already won at least one big fan (Shaq the boxing promoter?):

Not much is known about Nijee, aside from the fact that he’s marked Floyd Mayweather and Tiara Brown his favorites on his Facebook page, and that he’s at least had that killer form since the ripe old age of 4: 

And the fact that he’s got major boxing potential written all over him.