WWE fans are freaking out over Michael Cole mentioning Hulk Hogan

WWE fired its most famous employee – Hall of famer Hulk Hogan – in July of 2015 after audio of Hogan using racial slurs emerged in connection with his high-profile sex tape lawsuit. Almost immediately, Hogan was wiped from the WWE website, and virtually no mention of Hogan or his history in WWE has been mentioned on weekly programming since.

It was significant, then, that veteran WWE commentator Michael Cole name-dropped Hogan Sunday night during the Roadblock pay-per-view.

While Charlotte Flair made her way to the ring for her 30-minute Iron Man match against Sasha Banks, Cole rattled off her incredible pay-per-view record.

“14-0 in her career in singles pay-per-view matches. She is 17-2 all-time in pay-per-views, and regardless of what happens tonight, Charlotte will have the best start ever in any career in her first 20 pay-per-view matches. Better than the likes of Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar, and even The Undertaker.”

A short clip of Hogan’s voice was included in a recent ad that regularly airs on the WWE Network, and Shane McMahon brought up Hogan during his Tell-All podcast – but many fans took Cole’s mention as a sign that a Hogan return could eventually happen.

WWE welcoming Hogan back with open arms seems farfetched, but it’s also very difficult for the company to pretend like he didn’t exist, or have an incredible impact on the history of wrestling. There’s a middle ground between “Hulkamania’s running wild” and radio silence that WWE can find.