Mick Foley speaks out on Kurt Angle replacing him as WWE Raw general manager

Mick Foley had his ups and downs as the general manager of Raw since the 2016 WWE Draft in July, but it had been clear for weeks that Foley’s tenure as one of the leading authority figures would be coming to a close around WrestleMania. Foley, who revealed that he needed a hip replacement and is in immense pain traveling to shows around the country, was fired by Stephanie McMahon in the buildup WrestleMania 33.  He still attended the Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Orlando last Friday – and watched his eventual successor deliver a tremendous speech.

Vince McMahon made a rare appearance on Raw last night, both to announce that a roster shuffle between the two brands would occur next week, and to introduce the new general manager of Raw, WWE legend Kurt Angle.

Foley reacted to choice on his Facebook page and wished Angle luck.

Via Facebook:

“Kurt Angle is great choice for #RAW GM. He has the respect of everyone in the dressing room, can get serious when he needs to, and has an awe-inspiring ability to embrace his inner nerd. He is likely to have very good chemistry with a wide assortment of the #Raw roster – which makes for good television. I’m not sure if this is true, but there is a rumor out there that he won an Olympic gold medal with a broken freakin’ neck!

I will be wishing Kurt the very best, and will always have an open ear for him if he is looking for advice or feedback. But publicly, I am going to take a page out of former US President’s playbooks, and do my best to stay fairly quiet about the product. I may occasionally point out something positive that I see (like Neville and Mustafa Ali working their butts off last night under less than ideal circumstances) but, in general, I will be keeping a much lower profile on social media.”