Kevin Owens turns on Chris Jericho in epic Raw segment

Chris Jericho celebrated his friendship with Universal Champion Kevin Owens in an incredible “Festival of Friendship” segment on Monday Night Raw that ended in shocking fashion as Owens brutally attacked Jericho, seemingly bringing an end to their alliance.

Last week on Raw, Jericho accepted Goldberg’s challenge to a Universal title match at Fastlane on Owens’ behalf, which understandably upset the champion. On Monday, Jericho presented Owens with a few priceless gifts – including a $7,000 dollar sculpture and a painting called “The Creation of Kevin.”

Jericho then promised to make up for his gaffe with Goldberg by bringing him out to the ring and taking out the 50-year-old a few weeks before he enters the ring with Owens at the Raw-exclusive pay-per-view. Goldberg’s music hit, but the former World Champion wasn’t the one to walk down the ramp. Instead, it was Attitude Era sideshow Gillberg, who WWE used to spoof Goldberg back when he was WCW’s main attraction.

Goldberg was not impressed.

Jericho called Owens his “brother” and promised that he’d always have Owens’ back, but Owens responded by giving Jericho a gift of his own – The List of KO.

Owens then attacked Jericho, hit him with a signature powerbomb on the apron and threw him through a glass sign that left Jericho bleeding in the ring.

So what does this mean for Owens and Jericho? Owens was always going to be an underdog in his match with Goldberg, and a Owens-Jericho match at WrestleMania has been rumored for a long time. This break-up could be what triggers an eventual match between ex-best friends in Orlando.

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