Baron Corbin Cut the Promo of His Life on WWE Talking Smack (Video)

Baron Corbin’s banter level reached a new high on Tuesday’s episode of WWE Talking Smack.

Baron Corbin started his WWE main roster career on a high note by winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. It seemed like a way to establish him off the bat, but meaningless feuds have since been all that he’s done.

For the past month, Corbin has been in a feud with Jack Swagger. They wrestled three matches, the first of which seeing the former World Heavyweight Champion win by submission. The next two had The Lone Wolf win decisively. He most recently ran over Swagger in about two minutes on SmackDown.

After that match, Corbin would appear on the latest edition of Talking Smack. He got into a heated discussion with Daniel Bryan over their paths to WWE, which contrast. Corbin said he got to the main roster within three-and-a-half years while it took Bryan 10 years to get there. A debate then arose over being the best with unleashing that he put down Swagger in two minutes and wants to be presented with his next challenger.

This wasn’t a perfect promo, but it surely topped Corbin’s list from his WWE career.

This Corbin vs. Swagger feud is probably over, so he should get someone else to face soon. If WWE wants to travel down the Dolph Ziggler road again, these two could feud for the Intercontinental Championship. The former NXT star has arguably done enough work to earn a title shot. He’s not at a main event level yet, but could be worth throwing into the tier below.

What’s next for Baron Corbin may be determined by next Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown. Could he get a title shot soon?

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