Trevor Lewis and Daniel Brickley speechless after playing for home crowd

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The LA Kings put on a four-goal show for the Salt Lake City crowd Monday in front of Trevor Lewis an Daniel Brickley's home crowd

- Dan, what's going to stay with you throughout this experience of the last several days?

- I don't know about several days. I mean, I'm going to remember this one for a long time. It's something special to play in front of friends and family.

INTERVIEWER: And Trevor, hearing your name cheered, and Dan, hearing Dan's name cheered, as well, being able to have them cheer your name during that assist, as well, what does that mean to you?

- It's awesome. I mean, looking around the stands, you know, a lot of people there tonight. So it was cool, and it was a special moment.

INTERVIEWER: Great experience. Now, these guys have a lot of family, a lot of friends here.

One final question. We also want to ask about the game, Dan. Where did this team make strides here today?

- Oh man. You know, last couple days it's training camp, so we're trying to tie things together. And I thought tonight was really well and everyone was working as one unit, and it paid off.