Mike Trout, Mookie Betts headline AL MVP race

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From Anaheim to Boston, Milwaukee to Atlanta, the guys debate who is deserving of taking home the MVP awards this year

- Top three AL MVP picks right now?

- I think for me in the American League, it's a pretty easy pick, I think, the top three. Mookie Betts, JD Martinez, and Mike Trout. And if I had to pick one of them right now, I would lean more towards Mookie Betts. But if Trout has a fantastic last 7, 8 games here, then Trout will be in that conversation. As much as everyone likes to [INAUDIBLE] about not on a winning team at this moment, his numbers are that good. But I would have to lean towards Mookie Betts.

- I'm going out there and saying Mookie Betts. And out of respect to Mike Trout-- and we've had this conversation many times-- winning matters to me, unless your numbers are such an aberration you just cannot ignore, which was the case with Trout a couple of years ago. But I'm going to go with Mookie Betts.

Jose Ramirez, nobody talks about this guy. Let's see, 30 home runs, 30 stolen bases, winning team. What else does he need to do? He's about to get 100 walks, 100 RBIs, 100 runs, everything.

And number three, to me, is JD Martinez. And we can say all we want about being a DH, he has played 55 games in the outfield. He cannot ignore, again, winning theory, as Mike Trout has taught me, matters a whole lot. And JD Martinez, without him, the Boston Red Sox are not the same.

- So your three, Betts, Trout, and JD?

- I'm going Betts, Jose Ramirez--

- Jose Ramirez second?

- --and JD Martinez.

- OK. All right. Got it. Victor Rojas is with us right now. First time I'm saying hello to Victor Rojas today. I mean, actually, literally I don't think I have seen you yet today.

- No, I think we talked. It was after midnight last night when we said goodbye.

- Oh, yeah, that's true. It was--

- So this might be the second time, yeah.

- What's your picks here, Victor?

- Mookie Betts, obviously, for the Boston Red Sox. I think Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros, just considering what he has done in place of George Springer, having somewhat of a down year, and Carlos Correa definitely having a down season. Bregman's been fantastic. For the Houston Astros. And, of course, Mike Trout.

I think Trouty, when you start looking at the numbers as a whole, especially after missing three weeks in early August with the DL and, of course, the loss of his brother-in-law, when you still look at the numbers he's put up-- a .450+ on-base percentage, over .600 as far as slugging is concerned, and 20 or more stolen bases this year-- just those three numbers alone, just the third American League player to do that, and the first since Ty Cobb. So Napolean Lajoie way back in 1901, Ty Cobb in 1911, and Mike Trout. I still think Mookie Betts is the guy right now. If Trouty goes off for the next week and continues to pile on those numbers, I'd give it to Trout.

- OK, Victor. Thanks a lot. Stand by. We'll get back to you on the National League MVP picks coming up. My picks?

- Come on, Patrick.

- Patrick, go.

- I haven't even prepared anything. I like Mookie Betts. I think he won it, without a doubt, certainly, with that home run at Yankee Stadium to clinch the division. I think he has been the leader from day one. I got Betts winning it. Just a remarkable year, even the 28 stolen bases. I think Mike Trout is going to finish second. You saw the stats. They speak for themselves. As far as third, I like a guy right here, A. Breg. Alex Bregman with the 50 doubles. He's got the 30 home runs. He has-- --with the celebrations. There's something special going with Alex Bregman.

Let's go to the radio voices, right now, of the Angels, Terry Smith and Mark Langston. Terry, who you got?

- Well, I'm going to go, obviously, with Mookie Betts. I'm going to go with JD Martinez. And I'll stick Mike Trout in there, but I really think, when it's all said and done, it's going to be Mookie Betts. I think he's had a terrific year. He was runner-up a couple of years ago to Mike Trout. He was in the top 10 in the voting last year. Boston's had the best record in baseball, and I think Mookie Betts is the heart and soul of their team.

- Three picks for the American League. I'm going to go with Mookie Betts, Mike Trout, and JD Martinez. And you start looking at those three guys, you look at all the numbers, you could pick a category for those guys. Certainly the top two, Mookie Betts and Mike Trout, you can pick a category. These guys are almost mirrored to each other-- one or two, two or one, doesn't matter. It's a lot closer than I think people think.

- I would agree. Wait until we get to Langer on the National League. I mean, that's a stump-- it's like he's never watched a National Baseball game. No, he does a great job. It will be fun. Let's go to the NL MVP. What do you got?

- I got Christian Yelich number one. I think he's going to win it pretty easily, I think, right now, but he's still got a few more games left. Freddie Freeman is my second, too. Freddie Freeman's had a great year for a surprising club who just clinched their division here today. It's a club that's way ahead of schedule. The reason why, Freddie Freeman. Javy Baez for the Chicago Cubs. Home runs and the RBIs, 107 on the season. He's basically carried the club too. Kris Bryant really hasn't been around the whole season, so without Baez, that team is completely different. 9 triples, also, this season.

- I like those picks. What about you, Jose? I'm going Javy Baez. What he brings to that ball club, what Joe Madden knows he has every single day with this player is full effort, no matter where he plays position-wise, no matter where he hits, and he brings energy, power, home run, and some swag.

Now, with all this, my second pick is Christian Yelich. Cannot ignore the numbers and why Milwaukee is winning right now.

And number three to me is-- you talk about Bregman, what he brings special? Ronald Acuña Jr, to me, is number 3 in my top 3, because, again, the Braves clinch. Acuña brings a whole lot. And without him, they are not the same team.

- All right. A little surprise pick. I like that, Jose. Back to Victor Rojas right now. Victor, what's your National League picks for MVP?

- Well, about two weeks ago, we did this kind of exercise, and at that point, I picked Christian Yelich to be my guy. And I thought it was very tight, as far as the race is concerned. I think what he's done since, in those two weeks, hands and shoulders above everybody else. in the National League. He should and will probably win the National League MVP. He's had that terrific of a season, and the second half has been absolutely tremendous.

Javy Baez, certainly, has been in that conversation. I think Trevor Story's had a very good season for the Colorado Rockies, obviously dealing with the elbow injury right now. But those are the three guys. Freddie Freeman, I liked him. He had a terrific first half. I think he's kind of faded a little bit in that second half. And Ronald Acuña Jr., I just don't think he's done it for enough time, considering what Christian Yelich has done right now.

- All right, Victor, next time I see you, I'm going to bring the heat on a sideline hit tonight.

- I can't wait.

- Oh, man.

- I'm so excited.

- Get ready for it.

- I'm pumped, dude.

- All right. Victor Rojas right there.

- Wait, me again?

- Yes, you.

- What's going on? I can't believe this.

- Come on Patty-O.

- I prepared a little something. I got Christian Yelich. You see Baker Mayfield?

- Yes.

- He had the Yelly jersey. I mean, he's hit a couple of cycles. Baker Mayfield picking Christian Yelich, as well I. I've got Freddie Freeman second as well. Off the board, Nolan Arenado. Love this third baseman for Colorado. He did have a 2-out RBI single last night. Mark Gubicza, I know you don't love my pick.

- I like your pick, but he had struggled against the Dodgers though. He had a couple opportunities. A local boy, he's one of the best players in all of baseball. But he was going to win MVP, I think, and then he's struggled a little bit. The batting average has dropped.

- All right, we'll see. They're just a game and a half out. If they can somehow win that division, look out for Arenado. Let's go back to the radio voices. Start with Terry Smith.

- Christian Yelich, I think, will be one for the Milwaukee Brewers. They're leading the wild card race. They've been a surprise team this year. He's a new piece, as far as their lineup is concerned. One guy that I'm going to throw out there, who I don't think is going to win it, but I think he might be having the best season of anybody in baseball is Jacob deGrom. He won last night. He's only 9 and 9. He's had 23 straight quality starts this year. And he's had 28 overall out of the 31 that he's had all season long. He's having a magnificent year. I think he'll probably be the National League Cy Young Award winner, but I think he should get some consideration as far as the MVP award as well. I also like Arenado. I think he's got a shot at the award. And Javier Baez would be another guy that I would put in the mix. But right now, I'm going to go with Christian Yelich.

- I'm an American League guy, so I don't spend a lot of time about the National League. National League, Christian Yelich is having a great year. Javy Baez with the Cubs. I think it's going to be a two-person race between those two guys. Yelich probably be my favorite right now. We don't get to see him very much, so it's-- you can look at numbers, but I always like to see it in person, so I would pick Yelich, probably, for the MVP in the National League.