Shannon Sharpe thinks Kyler Murray should ‘go and get that baseball money’

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Shannon Sharpe does not think Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray will be a top NFL Draft pick. He explains why baseball should be his professional sport.

- I'mma be all the way weird with you, Skip Bayless. I got him like, maybe, fourth, fifth round? OK, Oklahoma lists him at 5' 10".


- Baseball lists him at 5' 11". I believe both of those guys are lying.


- Drew Brees is a small-- Drew Brees is 6 foot tall. Drew Brees look like Andre the Giant's on the field-- Andre the Giant next to this guy on the field, Skip.


- I mean, he's at least-- at the bare-- at max, 5' 9" and 1/4. But at some point in time, Skip, how much is too small? Doug Flutie won the Heisman Trophy. Had to go to the USFL, come to the NFL, go to Canada, come back.


- I just--

SKIP BAYLESS: That's probably the best comparison.

- Yes! I get it. You might find a guy that's, like-- Earl Boykins. I think Earl Boykins led the NCAA in scoring.


- He was undrafted. At some point in time, Skip--

SKIP BAYLESS: Different game, but--

- I mean, he just led the nation in scoring.

SKIP BAYLESS: But he had his moments, though.

- Yeah, and he can have his moments. But, Skip, 5' 9"-- really, Skip? So you're going to spend a first round-- I would not. I would not spend a first rounder. Kyler, if I got some advice for you, go and get that baseball money. Because I don't care how great you are, you're never going to make the amount of money that you going to make in MLB.

By the time you get a big-- you know, they make you earn it, Skip. By the time-- six years before you get your first contract. But when you get it, it's a whopper.

SKIP BAYLESS: You get it.

- So, Kyler, dog, you don't want these kind of problems. And you can play baseball a lot longer than you can play football.