Shannon Sharpe discusses LeBron James’ comments on Ingram: ‘He’s going to have to be the true No. 2’

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Shannon Sharpe talks LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. Hear why he thinks LeBron's No. 2 must be Brandon Ingram this season.

- In order for the Lakers to be who they think they can be, he's gonna have to be the true number two. He's gonna have to be special. And remember, Skip, Chris Hayes came on-- came on the show. And he said, LeBron says, he's got the juice. And he showed a little bit of that last night. Now he-- from year one to year two, he went and increased his point total by seven-- field goal percentage by seven, 3-point by 10%.

So he's shown that ability. There's a reason why they drafted this kid number two overall. So he has that ability. Skip, he's always gonna be frail. I'm sorry. He's never gonna-- he's never gonna have a Dwight Howard body. That's not what he is. He's a thick-- look at Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant said, I don't need-- I don't need to be able to bench 225 or even 135 to shoot these 30-foot 3's on you and get to the basket like I want to at any time I want to.

If you look at LeBron teams that have gone to the Finals that have won Finals, he's had a true number two. It was D-Wade in Miami. It was Kyrie Irving in Cleveland. This is what Brandon Ingram must be in order for the Lakers to be who they need to be. LeBron looked good too. But when you talk about LeBron it's all about--

SKIP BAYLESS: He did look good. Yep.

- You saying it like you're surprised.

SKIP BAYLESS: I'm shocked.

- Why are you shocked?

SKIP BAYLESS: I don't know.

- You've just be watching the man for 16 years. Has he ever disappointed you? But I've done that here nor-- don't answer that. But anyway--

SKIP BAYLESS: This is-- he's finally on a big stage now-- a real stage. This is Los Angeles. This is Hollywood. You got to live up.

- This man brings his own stage with him.


- Yeah. Yeah. He needs to be the guy behind LeBron. And LeBron is--

SKIP BAYLESS: How about beside LeBron?

- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But he's the true number two. And he needs to be special on a nightly basis in order for the Lakers to be who they want to be. Now can he be a number two and actually make them contend?

I still think they're a year away. But this is why I feel comfortable in saying they're gonna get me them 54 wins, get me this Dew, and gonna advance, at least at the bare minimum, past the first round. Catch the right matchup in Round 2, they might be in the Western Conference finals.