Shannon Sharpe: LeBron deserves 90% blame for Game 5 loss to Celtics

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Shannon Sharpe explains to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why he thinks LeBron James deserves 90% blame for Cleveland's Game 5 loss to Boston.

SKIP BAYLESS: Not an issue.

- None of these guys had to carry the load. Magic had Kareem and word that it helped with the scoring.


- Jordan had Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. One was in this facilitator assist. And Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman got the rebound. He didn't-- they didn't have to carry the offensive load. Because, remember, Bird had Parish and McHale. Both of those guys are in the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

So those guys didn't have to carry the load that LeBron is having to carry. But I'm not going to excuse his play last night. I get it. Yes, you have to carry the offensive load, rebound assists-- I get all of that.

But when you step out on the court, all I see is Cavs on the front and I see James on the back, and I expect a virtuoso. When I go to a movie, and I see Denzel on the movie screen-- or I go to Broadway-- I expect Denzel to give me Denzel--

SKIP BAYLESS: I would agree.

- --worthy performance.

SKIP BAYLESS: I would agree.

- When I watch LeBron James, be it on TV or in person, I want that performance!

SKIP BAYLESS: And you know what, I'm just thinking back. Denzel has never let me down one time.

- No!

SKIP BAYLESS: I can't remember one time when I thought, oh, he just mailed that in, or he took the money. I don't remember one.

- No. Same thing with Samuel L. Jackson. When I go to a movie-- I saw him I'm in a-- he was Dr. King in a-- in a Broadway play. When I watch him, I know what I'm going to get. That's what I expect! That's what I expect from LeBron James.

Upper respiratory, whatever-- if you can play when you go out there, I don't care about the bumps and bruises, Skip. I don't care what it took you to get there, because I understand being a former-- Never been-- I'm not as-- was never as great as LeBron. But I understand what it takes for a guy to get up out there every single day. I expect more. And I can assure you-- Game 6 on Friday night, he will give you more.

- What you should be worried about-- are the Celtics going to give you more? Because, remember, they shot last night a grand total of 36.5% from the field. And you realize that was the worst of all their playoff games?

- Well here's the thing though, Skip, but they had a comfortable lead. They had a third-- I think a 13-- 32-- 32-19 at the end of the first quarter. So they had already had a nice little lead. It wasn't like the Cavs were shooting 50% from the second to third. They got two quarters in which they scored in the team.

Who you think you're going to beat the-- Skip, this is not just-- this is not 90s basketball where, you know, used to win series 73-68. This is not that kind of basketball. You're not going to score in the teens in two quarters, and expect to win a game. That's not going to happen!

- It's-- it's not going to happen, but LeBron can't get tired in Game 6 or Game 7. He just can't!

SHANNON SHARPE: LeBron got this.

- Well, he better got this.

- He got 90. I got to-- let me tell you a stat last, Skip Bayless. 90 plus points. At least the bare minimum, 17 rebounds and 20 assists. Book it!

- For these two games?

- For these two games!

- All right. So 90 points would be 45 and 45, right?

- Yeah, I said 90 plus.

- OK. I'm thinking if I should--

- Yeah, you think on it.

- You know, the reason I can't take the bet is I-- I want to agree with you. And-- and look, do-- do we know that LeBron has had some epic games in that building before?


- Hey. Well-- well what about that Game 6 in 2012?


- LeBron had melted down in the 2011 finals for summer round with [INAUDIBLE] Heat. And then, the next year, they get in a dicey situation. They're facing Game 6 elimination at Boston. And he went for 45-- to your point-- and 15 rebounds and five assists.

And it was a tour de force. He made 19 to 26 shots in that game. And then they went home and just cake walked over what was left of the Celtics psyche. And onto the finals they went. And that was LeBron's first ring. OK? So he's got that in him.


- In-- in--

SHANNON SHARPE: You've seen it in this-- in this playoff. Six of them.

- I still don't believe this team is as good as that-- I know that was kind of the end of the Celtics-- but I still think this team is easier to beat than that team is.


- Was. Yeah.

- This team is more athletic. They're younger. And they can rotate, rotate, rotate multiple, multiple times. That's what they can do. Now what they-- what they lack in experience, they make up for in athleticism.

And Brad Stevens is-- is equally as good a coach as Doc Rivers. I believe Brad Stevens is the second best coach in the NBA, behind Gregg Popovich. That's what I do believe. So with that being said, I expect LeBron-- You-- and it-- it looked like to me, Skip, they went out of their way to try to get Kevin Love, involved because they need to get Kev going early.

JR-- I don't know what JR is doing, you know, why he'd need to be [INAUDIBLE] have going on a [INAUDIBLE]. When that old dog-- he gets some of that dog in him, because he be flying around letting them 3's fall at the rafters-- off the rafter. But, Skip, JR and George Hill-- Skip, they can't play like this.

Like I said, anything over six points I could-- I could take from Tristan. He did a great job. Al Horford get most of his points-- not against Tristan-- is that when they get the switches on him, or Larry Nance, Jr. or Kevin Love.

It-- it seems to me like Kevin Love's struggle-- Baynes is too big, Horford is too strong, Morris is too quick. So he-- and if he's not raining 3's or playing offensively very good, Skip, you know he's a defensive liability. So we know that.

I mean, they got the guy at the top of the key, and Morris rolls right down to the basket, lays the ball up. Kevin Love looking like. Kevin, that-- that's your guy. That's your guy. But I put--


- I'm going to give LeBron 90% of the blame.

SKIP BAYLESS: Just-- just--