Skip Bayless reacts to Spurs downing Thunder: ‘Russell Westbrook deserves 100% of the blame’

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In his conversation with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless reacts to the Oklahoma City Thunder losing to the San Antonio Spurs, detailing why he believes Russell Westbrook deserves 100% of the blame. Do you agree with Skip?

- I do agree with you. Russell Westbrook deserves 100% of the blame for what happened last night. But before I tell you why I think that, I also am going to tell you quickly and briefly that Broccoli deserved 100% of the credit last night. I'm talking about the San Antonio Spurs.

Because just for the record, LaMarcus Aldridge was questionable for this game with a knee contusion. And LaMarcus Aldridge sucked it up and said, I am going to play.

- Stop it. I know what you're trying to do, Skip.

- Well, it's not what I'm trying to do. It's what I am doing. Because Kawhi Leonard once again did not even show up to sit at the end of the bench. He had been for a while, least to lend a little moral support. So LaMarcus said, watch what I'll do for my team.

This was a desperation game for them. And the Spurs played under-manned. They're obviously down a star. They played with classic Spurs pride and guts and heart and all those cliches you want to throw out there. But this was a desperate effort by a team that was at risk going into last night's home game of missing the playoffs.

And they're down three going to the fourth quarter. And they made a bunch of big shots in the four. Danny Green made, way to go, Danny, made two huge threes. Davis Bertans made a big three in the fourth quarter. And little Patty Mills and young Dejounte Murray made it really hard on Russell Westbrook. They were all over him in the fourth quarter. You got to give them a little credit for the defense they played on the whirling dervish that can be Russell Westbrook.

- That's my point. They're all over him.

- They were all over him. I'm with you. I agree with this. But what I still love and respect about Russell Westbrook is, he is going to try to run through that brick wall in the fourth quarter whether you like it or not, because he still believes fiercely he can get it done. That's just his mentality.

And you're right, that's exactly why Kevin Durant fled to Golden State. Nobody wanted to hear it but that was the God's truth of what happened there. So last night, there are times when he will make these shots. He's much better at getting to the rim and making them at the rim.

- Correct.

- He's now shooting 29% for three for this year. That won't work, especially in clutch situations. He didn't just miss, he shot an air ball with two minutes left and an air ball with 14 seconds left. That won't work.

And when he shot the one with 14 seconds left, of course, I'm rooting for the Spurs, I just closed my eyes because I just thought he'd nail that one and it didn't even come close. He actually chased it to the rim because he knew it was going to try to like catch it in the air. That's how poorly he shot.

- And that's the thing, Skip, so he -- Russ, in your mind, you believe that poor shot was the best opportunity for you guys to win.

- You got it. OK? All right? But let's do the big picture. Since probably about the time we did it on the show, December 1, Thunder is struggling. Is this experiment going to work? You know at the trade deadline, will Sam Presti unload Paul George and Melo? You know, will they just give up the ship and go forward with Russ or bust?

And what happens starting on December 1 until now? The Oklahoma City Thunder have the fourth best record in the NBA since December 1. Well, it's almost all because of that point guard, right? And look at what he's averaging. Even now he's at 25 points, but 9.7 rebounds?

So if you want to round up, he's doing a triple double because he's 10.1 assists. So he's in the ballpark of where he was a year ago. Well, you got to give him that because it's extraordinary how he does it but it's selfish basketball. It's just how he is.