Shannon Sharpe says Kevin Durant is getting into Rasheed Wallace territory with ejections

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Shannon Sharpe wonders what has gotten into Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant lately to turn a guy who was ejected just 2 times in his 9 seasons before joining Golden State to a guy who has been ejected 5 times this season.

- Shannon, what's going on here?

- KD making my point. That's not him. He's taking this Bay stuff way too serious, Skip. You know 40 [INAUDIBLE] out there. Tupac was out there.

Mac Dre, the Lunis. KD is taking-- Skip, in his first nine seasons with two franchises-- the same franchise-- Seattle, went to OKC. Two ejections in nine years. Two years with this team, he has five ejections. Since they started tracking this in '91, he's getting in Rasheed Wallace territory.

Think about that. Kevin Durant and Rasheed Wallace in the same territory, as far as ejections. Really? But let me tell you why.

He wasn't mad about that, Skip. It wasn't the foul. Cause if the foul was the reason why he got thrown out, LeBron James get thrown out every night. [INAUDIBLE] you know they'd be hitting him all upside his head. And he should have been thrown out in game 5 when LeBron dunked it on him, and he hit him upside his head.

But the real reason Kevin Durant got thrown out of this game-- you know why, Joy? Oh, Giannis Antetolounmpo. Boy, he had that little chef hat on, had that apron on, and he was cooking him.

- Really? Cooking him.

- I must of watched a different game.

- You watched a different game cause he had 17 at the half. He ended up with 32. He was cooking Kevin Durant. Did you see him bully him?

Did you see him on the fast break? Kevin Durant-- look at your monitor, Skip, baby. Look at the monitor. Let's see if we got this.

- Oh, you requested this.

- Wa, ha, ha. Cooked him, bullied him.

- Nobody can dunk on the break like the Greek Freak can.

- Oh, whoa, whoa-- is it-- [INAUDIBLE] Skip. Is it my turn? Is it my turn, Joy? I didn't ask Skip any questions. I asked him to look at the monitor.

- Joy, did he not open the door to me when he asked me a question?

- Oh, boom! I just slammed it in your face. Just because you stepped in my-- this is my time, Skip Bayless. What was happening was, Giannis was cooking KD.

- Oh, so that's it? So he checked out?

- Yeah. Yeah.

- Well, I've never heard that before about Kevin Durant.

- Yeah, the-- Hold on. How can the best--

- That is outrageous.

- How can the best player put his team in harm's way? Now, you already know you're without Steph. You already know you're without Klay. And you just got back. And this is what you do?

And they asked him, well, are you gonna get-- you know, what about the playoffs? Man, you know me. You know I'm not like that. Exactly. My point, exactly.

I don't know what's gotten into Kevin Durant. Now he's upset. Don't nobody watch games. Everybody concerned about analytics.

Why you worried about what we worried about? You play the game, and let me have my time. Skip Bayless, you know, Giannis was 14 of 18, not from the free throw line, from the field. He was dunking on him. He was bullying him.

Kevin Durant, you don't need to do no benching. You gotta get squat-- got to get your leg muscles strong so you can anchor down. You ain't got enough bricks in your back pocket.

- Oh, so now, Giannis, he's musclebound Gian.

- Oh, Gian, Gian.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, he's Gian.

- He's a bully. Yeah.

- Big bully. Yeah, bullied him. He must be having some of that what's in that there Bay water.

You know, you get tough, you start drinking-- I was out there for a little while last year, so I got tough too. I was mean muggin' folk.

- Yeah.