Shannon Sharpe reveals the message LeBron sent Michael Jordan by dominating MJ’s Hornets

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In his discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor surrounding Cleveland's win over Charlotte where LeBron James tied Michael Jordan's record of 866 consecutive games with 10+ points, Shannon Sharpe reveals the message The King sent The GOAT by dominating MJ's Hornets with 41 points, 10 boards and 8 assists.

- Shannon--

- Don't do this.

- -- is LeBron making a statement to Mike with his performance last night?


- Skip, you-- Skip, I can't believe you, Skip, baby. I asked you-- I told you yesterday. I said, Skip, I don't want to see any of your foolishness in the tweets.

- Oh, Joy, does he not follow me?

- No, I'm positive that Shannon follows you.

- You don't just follow me, you stalk me on Twitter.

- No, people be forwarding them to me like I need to know what you be saying.

- People forward?

- Yeah.


- Skip, LeBron says that--

- You got my tweets over there?

- No, no, no, no. I understand what LeBron said. LeBron says, look, I just go out here and I play hard and I try to bring it every night. We're going to discuss the streak a little later. But I don't I believe LeBron is being totally truthful. If you look at since Michael Jordan has become the owner of this team, in 2010, LeBron James is 30 and one-- 30 and one against the Charlotte Hornets.

And his two high scoring games, when he went to Miami and he came back and he plays the Cavs and when he played the Charlotte Hornets, what does those two teams have in common? LeBron feels the owner of the Cavaliers, at one point in time, disrespected him.

- I'd say.

- He feels that Michael Jordan has gone out of his way to heap praise on guys like Kobe Bryant while minimizing what LeBron James has done.

- That's true. He's gone out of the way to tell the truth. Go ahead.

- No, he ain't telling the truth. He ain't telling no truth. You know why he does that? Because he realized that everybody said, well, Kobe is most like Mike. Remember the commercial, Skip? Zurich's-- is it live, was it Memorex? One of them is a carbon copy.

- Boy, you're dating yourself.

- Yeah, yeah, I'm dating myself a little bit. Skip, Michael Jordan realized very early on the true threat to his legacy wasn't one Kobe Bean Bryant, it was that old 69 kid from Akron. That's who could do it because he-- oh, now last I checked, five is more than three. Well, Mike, if you want to you-- can I call him Mike or must I-- OK, Michael Jeffery Jordan--

- You need to call him something to get back in his good graces so you can get in his party next year.

Oh, yeah. It's going to be in Atlanta-- no, it's in Charlotte.

- Charlotte.

- It's going to be in Charlotte next year.

- Oh, that's a problem for you.

- Nah, I'm Big Daddy in the Carolinas.

- Well, with the being a racing fan.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, but Skip, here's the thing. Michael knew the true threat to his legacy is LeBron because Kobe won those-- he has five rings, but three of them Shaq was the most dominant force we had ever seen.

- Yep.

- Shaq was averaging like 38 and 16. He was three time finals MVP. Kobe has two finals MVP in one regular season, where LeBron has four. So you're going to need that to be in the discussion Michael has gone out of his way. I want to know why he didn't show up last night, because he knew LeBron was going to put on a show. He knew LeBron was going to do it, because he do it to him every time.

Lebron's high scoring game in his career came guess who? Charlotte. You remember what they did when they played him in the playoffs, Skip? He stole the ball, he dumped it, and looked the whole while-- made sure. You see what I'm doing?

- So I assume Michael Jordan decided last night, I ain't sitting in no courtside because I don't want to inspire him. I don't want to motivate him anymore.

- Too late. Skip, you remember this-- in 1967, Muhammad Ali and Ernie Terrell fought. Ernie Terrell and Muhammad Ali-- they kind of grew up together. They were sparring partners in the heavyweight division. Ernie Terrell made the mistake of calling him by his given name. Now he didn't mean to do it, but he said that's the only name I'd ever known him by. Instead of apologizing, he saw how insensitive it made Muhammad Ali and he continuously call him by his government name. Can you tell people at home what Muhammad Ali do to it? What's my name?

- What's my name?

- He wouldn't knock him out, just punished him. What's my name, Mike? What's my name, Mike?

- Tell me when it's my turn, Shannon.

- What's my name?

- Yes.

- I want you to give me my due, give me my credit because I've heaped pray on all the all-time greats, be it Russell, Chamberlain, Kareem, Bird, Magic, and yours truly, yourself. But you won't give me mine, I'm going to make you call my name. You will say king, you have arrived. Take it away Mr. Bayless.