Bucks’ Jason Terry uses regimens by champions Tom Brady, Floyd Mayweather and David Ortiz to prolong his 19-year NBA career

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Milwaukee Bucks guard Jason Terry joins Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor on Undisputed to talk about how he's able to thrive in his 19th NBA season.


- What an amazing run you have had. You are now 40 years of age, as George said, in your 19th season. And you played with Dirk and Jason Kidd in Dallas, and obviously won a ring, and people were making the case you-- you could have been the MVP of that series for those last couple of games. You went 27, 21 in the two close out games.

Then you played with Paul Pierce and KG, not only in Boston, but in Brooklyn, and then you played with James Harden and Dwight Howard in Houston, and now you're playing alongside of the guy featured last night on "60 Minutes," the Greek Freak in Milwaukee. And yesterday, you started for the Milwaukee Bucks and played 29 minutes in a victory over, unfortunately, my San Antonio Spurs. I'm not going to forgive you for that.

But you're up against a kid named Dejounte Murray. You're both from Seattle. But he's 21, and you're 40. And you're just all over him the whole game. So give us some thought. What's the secret to your longevity?

- Well, first of all, I always keep God first, you know, so I'm tremendously blessed to have health. But I also look at guys like Tom Brady, Floyd Mayweather, Big Papi Ortiz. You know, I took some of their regiments that they use, you know, Brady with his-- with his diet.

You know, I'm not a super nut, so to speak, but I try not to eat a lot of fried foods. I drink a lot of Eternal Water. It comes from the soul. Never been touched by man. So I keep my body hydrated, so my muscles are nice and loose and functional.

And then train. You know, training off-season. When I was young, I would train for hours upon hours. Sometimes two a day. But Floyd Mayweather said one time, at this age, if you cannot go out and train 100%, you don't train at all. And so now when I don't feel 100%, I won't go out there. I'll take a day off, you know, ride the bike, get with the kids, play a little bit, and I'll stay away from the gym.

And so I think that's what has-- has given me a little bit of longevity. And I've been fortunate, obviously, to play with a lot of great players, good coaches, that understand at this age not to try to drag me through strenuous practices.

- See, [INAUDIBLE]. Tom Brady. Always coming up.

- Well, I'll be drinking a [INAUDIBLE]. That-- that man-- man ain't touched that either.

- Oh, man.

- Yeah, that-- that is a ginger tea.

- I'm a mad dog.