Shannon Sharpe on Hornets’ Dwight Howard historic 30-30 game

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Shannon Sharpe reacts to Dwight Howard's historic night where he tallied 32 pts, 30 reb in win over the Brooklyn Nets. Shannon compares Howard to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain as one of the most athletic big men in the NBA and reveals he's frustrated with Howard's lack of consistency throughout his career.

- How impressive was Dwight last night?

- It's very impressive, and that's what even-- that's what frustrates people even more. And that's what makes me even more upset with Dwight, because you see what he's capable of, Skip Bayless. Dwight Howard for his career should be somewhere around a 20, 22 point a night, 15 rebound guy. He's 17 and 12.

When he-- and for a guy like Dwight, the points are the hardest, the rebounds should be easy to him, Skip. He's the second most athletic big man to ever play that position. Only Wilt Chamberlain had more God-given natural ability than Dwight Howard, because only Wilt could run and jump like Dwight could.

- That's true.

- And for him not to-- I'm not-- and granted, think about it, it's only been done twice in the last 35 years. So that lets you know how hard it is. To put it in context, Wilt Chamberlain had 124 30-30 games. So we just--

- That's just like that's l-- ridiculous.

- --we just set him to the side.

- Yeah, right.

- Let's set him to the side. And let's just go, let's-- if-- let's just start with Kareem and come forward.

- OK.

- Skip he had more God-given ability than Kareem. I don't know if he applied it--

- Not, not as tall.

- No, no, no, not as tall.

- Dwight's only 6'10'' -ish.

- Yeah, 6'10''. But Skip, look at the way this young man's built. And the way he can get up and down the court, and the way he can bounce multiple times--


- Ever been better shoulders?

- No.

- Nope.

- No. Only-- only old King James got shoulders like that.

- No, but not quite those.

- But, see, King James' shoulders are made for holding up franchises.

- Oh.

- Yeah.

- Oh.

- Yeah, when you got the weight of the world on your back Skip, you get tall or they break you down. They say a straw broke the camel's back.

- Huh. Well, Dwight's team eliminated LeBron's team that year that Dwight got to the Kobe finals.

- Yeah, yeah he did. He did. Caught-- caught-- caught LeBron on a bad team, but that's OK. You know.

- Oh. Oh, so those shoulders wouldn't quite bear up under that.

- And they won 66 games that year also, when he beat LeBron. But Skip, that's what makes you so upset with Dwight, you see what he's capable of doing on occasion. And there have been flashes, the 20-20 game. Skip there is no question in my mind, Dwight Howard should be averaging 20 points a night. Even at this juncture of his career, Dwight Howard should legitimately be a 20 point a night scorer.

- I agree.

- And 10, and-- 12, 15 rebounds a night. That's what he should have been for his entire career, and that's what makes you frustrated with him. Because you know what he could've been, given his athletic ability, and I just don't think he cared enough. I don't think he worked hard enough on his game.

- I agree. It's almost some Dez Bryant-- except, except Dwight has been-- played at a higher level.

- Yes.

- Although, Dez did have that-- wooh, he had some seasons, that 2014. But, you're right. Last night was another indictment of Dwight-- what Dwight has not done, in his 32 years of age now. Let's keep it in some perspective.

Last night for reasons I can't-- I can't explain, I can't figure --Brooklyn did not play a player over 6 feet 8 inches tall. So Dwight's 6'10'', but he plays like he's 7 feet tall.

- Right.

- So, if you don't play anybody over 6'8'', and Mozgov is healthy and active and you don't play him a single minute. And Jahlil Okafor is sitting on the bench and he's healthy and active and available, and you don't play him a single minute, I don't know what you're doing.