Skip Bayless: Offensively LeBron is playing at the ‘highest level of his career’

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In his conversation with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless reacts to LeBron James' biggest pass of the night, dishing it out to Kevin Love for a clutch 3-pointer with 27.5 seconds left that gave the Cavs a four-point lead for a comeback 132-129 win over Toronto Raptors.

- What have I been telling you all week?

- What?

- Toronto is still Toronto. Did I not tell you yesterday? It would be a wipe out.

- They're a good team though. They're a good team.

- Until it's time. They look good until it's time, until they step on the floor with the beast of the East. And then they turn right back into the baby dinosaurs, or just the Raptors. That's all they are is just the Raptors.

- They're not a T Rex?

- I'm sorry. They're no factor in this. I'm sorry. Just get them out of my sight. I told you the East is over. Done. Over. Just book it. LeBron is going to his eighth straight NBA finals. And last night was just loud proof of what's about to happen in the postseason.

But let's take it by layers here. Let's take the 17 assists. What have I told you almost every day we've been on the air together on Undisputed for a year and a half?

- He's the best passer in the NBA.

- He's the best passer in basketball. And he still is. And he is playing offensively at the highest level of his career. Because offensively, IQ wise, just experience wise, he's seeing it, feeling it, anticipating it at the highest level I think I've ever seen of anybody. This is even a little beyond Magic Johnson. Because LeBron doesn't have quite as much help, obviously, as Magic had.

And in this case, what he is the best at is finding three point snipers. And a majority, about half of his assists this year, have come off three point makes.

- 11 of his 17 last night.

- 11. 11 of his 17 came off three point makes. So if they're going to make 15 threes out of 34 attempts--

- No. 24 attempts.

- Is it 24?

- 15 to 24.

- I thought it was 34. But anyway, the Cavaliers? I thought it was 34. Maybe I need glasses.

- Yeah. I think you do need glasses, Skip. Yeah. No. That's Toronto was 15 to 34.

- Oh. I'm sorry.

- You gotta go to the next line.

- I'm sorry. I got-- you're right. 15 to 24. Toronto is. So they both had 15 threes.

- Right.

- But if-- if the Cavs are going to make 15, he's going to assist on 75% of them--

- Yes.

- --usually. So before I go any further, this is my favorite pass of the night. Because this is an extraordinary pass. First quarter pass to JR, all the way across court. Can we see this one? Because this just took my breath away. He just flicked it all the way. You know how far that is, to just flick it like that? All the way through five people, all the way to JR and hit him right in the shooting pocket. It's just-- it's a beautiful pass, because he hits him-- he didn't have to do anything but-- but just let it fly. OK. Nobody can do that.

- Right.

- So I'd give you that. And by the way, on assisted threes, he's leading the league by 41, over second place 263 is Russell Westbrook. So Russell Westbrook has 263 of those. He's got 41 more than Russell Westbrook on assisted threes. So he's second in assists, mostly because he-- he can get it to the snipers. Because he's 6' 9". He can see over the defense. And he's just good at it. And they trust him that he's going to hit them right in the pocket, and they're going to make the shots. But they do have to convert the shots.

- Right.

- So what have I also told you? LeBron on certain nights, on too many nights, can be the most careless passer in basketball.

- Yes.

- Because he came into this game second in turnovers in the NBA and he's second in assists. Second in turnovers, second in assists, well, that shows that you're gambling a little too much. And that you'll try things for SportsCenter highlights that that too often just don't work.

- If you remember against Milwaukee, he tried that same pass and Bledsoe picked it off.

- He did. OK? So the shock to me, as I scanned his game log late last night, was he's only had one other clean game, LeBron James, the whole year. You have to go all the way back to November 20th, when they just blew Detroit out at Detroit. It was 73 to 46 at halftime and LeBron only played 27 minutes. Last night he played almost 40 minutes.

So 27 minutes of zero turnovers is not nearly as impressive as 40 minutes of zero turnovers in a game that was a statement game.

- Yeah.

- You need to put the baby dinosaurs back in their place. Did he ever. Because as I say, no one's playing at as high an offensive level as LeBron. Now, we get to it's at the expense of the defense. And LeBron has plummeted all the way to 350th in defensive win shares individually.

- How he keep dropping by 20? It was just 330 the other day.

- 350th, that's like-- wait. He's actually 355. 355 of 522 players and they may have dropped him 10 more spots just off the final play of the half last night. Because they did give up 79. But the last three points came on this, and I've been raving about Fred VanVleet, what he does. What's LeBron doing? I just tweeted, "What are you doing King? What are you doing?" He just drifts in lane. He's clearly having to guard VanVleet. VanVleet rushed to the corner. And LeBron just says, I don't think I'm going to guard him.

- No.

- Why aren't you? What are you doing? It's just like the most pathetic lack of effort I've ever seen from a superstar. You just stand in lane and say, oh, just let him shoot that. And he'd already made three threes, VanVleet had. So he made his four.