Skip Bayless on Russell Westbrook’s triple-double as OKC snaps Toronto’s 11-game win streak

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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss the recent surge from Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Can the Russ and the Thunder make a serious playoff push?

- I got a feeling after I watched yesterday Russ and company dismantle as you call them-- what are they--

- Baby Dinosaurs.

- Baby Dinosaurs up in Baby Dinosaur's own Jurassic Park, right? I just--

- And DeRozan got fouled too. He did get fouled, Skip. You know it. Tell the truth, Skip.

- Yeah, he got fouled. But again, that wasn't why they lost that game. The Thunder were why they lost that game. And the Thunder, by the way, have now swept the Raptors this year, no huge deal. But they've done a lot of other stuff. And I am starting to see and feel Russ's revenge. And I'm not talking about over Golden State or Houston. I'm talking about over Kevin Durant. I'm just starting to feel it.

Remember last year when Russ posted on social media that he was watching Sister Act 2 while KD was winning MVP at the finals over LeBron James, thereby declaring himself the best player in basketball. But we'll leave that alone for another day.

But I'm starting to sense this could be Brother Act 2, where all of a sudden, Russ gets his moment over his former brother, Kevin Durant, and Russ gets his finals moment over LeBron James. Because there's something about these Thunder that I love. There's something I don't love it when they play down to the level of their opposition, which they have done all year long. And so their schedule is actually good because it's tough going all the way home. So I don't think they're going to be able to stoop to a defeat, where it'll put them in any jeopardy.

But if you look at the great things they've done all year, they beat Golden State twice already, and they beat them bad. They beat him by 17 at home and by, what was it, 20 at Golden State. Then they beat Houston by 5 on Christmas day. As I said, they swept Toronto. They scored 148 on Lebron's before the trades. But still, they scored 148.

- Remember what we did talk about that?

- You did. You went and got them. Those are like the two aberration games of the whole NBA season. The new Cavs went to Boston, destruction. And went to Oklahoma City, destruction. And now the new Cavs are 8 and 7 I don't know.

- I mean, did you see what we tried it at this Saturday? Did you see?

- No, I know. That was a mess. I would agree. But the Bulls are a mess too, and you won by what, 4 or 5, something like that?

- I mean, you know. You saw LeBron. Stop bringing Bron in this.

- The playing down to the level of competition this year-- these Thunder, led by Russell Westbrook, who's got a chance to average a triple double for the season again, which is just spectacular.

- He's averaged 12 rebounds a game.

- He's capable against these good teams. But they lost at Sacramento, at Dallas. They also loss to Dallas at home. They lost at Orlando, they lost at Brooklyn. They lost at Phoenix. And they also lost another home game to Charlotte. These are horrendously bad losses that have put them in some standing jeopardy, although they're hanging in at the four spot.

- And this is what concerns me, Skip. Because we've seen them goon hot streaks, win 17 to 22. And then we see them six of eight. We see them lose seven of nine. That doesn't strike me as a team that could put up fierce resistance to the Golden State Warriors.

- Something is happening in Oklahoma City very quietly that you might not have noticed, because I don't think a lot of people have noticed. But Corey Brewer, late of the Los Angeles Lakers, has changed life quietly in Oklahoma City, because he's a better Roberson. He can actually score. In the six games he started, they have won all six games. And Corey Brewer is making half of his three point shots, 50%. He's averaging 14 points a game. We know Roberson is not capable of doing that. And Corey Brewer, at 6'9" inches long, can defend.

- Not like Roberson, but he can defeat him.

- He's close. And for the early Lakers this year, early on, he was their go to defend. Like that second game when Lonzo had his huge game that night at Phoenix-- they put Corey Brewer from the start on Devin Booker. And he basically took him out of the game. He played hellacious defense. So this is a huge key addition to this group.

- What he gives you offensively, you're willing to sacrifice some of that defense. When we talk, we know Roberson is a liability offensively.

- OK, yeah. Well, just complete liability. But Steven Adams isn't just having a good year. He's having a career year.

- This dude is out of his mind.

- 14 and 9, both career highs. 64% from the field, which if you look at the 120 players who have 600 or more attempts on offense-- shot attempts-- he's number one in the league. Wow. 64%. So what does Melo bring you? What does Paul George bring you? They just bring you presence that Russ didn't have. Paul George is a better Oladipo. And I know Oladipo has had a real big bounce back year. But Paul George is just a little better. And he's a five time all-star.

And obviously, Melo is a 10 time all-star, who is making 36% from three, which is he's best shot at in about three years. So at least he's become a spot up shooter. But when you play Houston in the playoffs, or Golden State in the playoffs, what you have now, you have presence, you have star power. I'm not saying they're great players, but when they walk on the floor, Golden State's going to be like, oh, they're here.

- Hold on. the guy that you call George Paul, all of a sudden, you believe in him?

- Complementary star. Just a complementary star. All I said is he's a little better than Oladipo. He has star quality in that he's got some cache.

- What are we going to do about Melo?

- He's just out there. But he makes three's. And you know what, he can make big shots. He will make big late shots. I think he's a clutch shooter. He always has been. I like him with the ball in his hands late in the game.

- Let me get this right. You're telling me a team that has a guy that you call George Paul, you called him a complementary star, and Carmelo Anthony, who's only been to the Western Conference Finals once in his 15 year career--

- And Steven Adams.

- And Steven Adams. That's the team?

- Corey Brewer. Yeah, that's the team. Jeremy Grant coming off the bench has been pretty good. Pretty good.

- You know what, I would buy that Corey Brewer, if we're going back to the Florida days, when they were back to back national champions.

- You should buy him right now.

- No, I ain't buying.

- 6 and 0 since he got in the lineup.

- Skip, that's a small step.

- He's smart. He's savvy. He's a veteran. He's been on six teams. He's 32 years of age. He knows how to play basketball. And he's not afraid of anybody, including DeMar DeRozan. He's just not afraid. He'll take your best scorer, and he will make it hard on him, because he's wily, he's savvy. This team is starting to take off. And you want to talk about on a mission? That guy is on a mission-- that Russell Westbrook guy.

Again, he sacrificed 7 points of scoring. He went from 32 a game last year to only 25 this year, just to make sure he could get George Paul in the line up, sit him in.

- See, he hears you talking.

- It's OK. It's OK. That's who he is.

- No it's not.

- But it's better than-- do you remember anybody they had last year? You remember what they had?

- Five time all-star. And he had his team on several occasions had LeBron go in six game, seven games in the Eastern Conference finals.

- Thank you, you're making my case, right?