Houston Rockets win 14 straight games, but can they compete in the postseason? Stephen Jackson weighs in

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Stephen Jackson joins Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor to discuss James Harden's 25 point performance and ankle-breaking crossover on Los Angeles Clippers' Wesley Johnson. Plus, can the Rockets compete in the postseason?

- --my office when [INAUDIBLE] Stephen Jackson, welcome back.

So before we get into the Rockets, what did you think of that ankle breaker play?

- In the kitchen whisking like a stir fry. Like the amigo said, in the kitchen cooking. He was in the kitchen cooking. That's the best one on one play in the game. Don't feel bad, Wesley, because he do it to everybody. You just got put on the stage on TV in LA while he at home.

- You like him better one on one in Calgary?

- Yes. I like James Harden-- this is the MVP we're talking about right now, and he's having an MVP season. There are some great moves by MVP. I'm not excited about that. I'm not excited about he does to everybody. I want to see what they do later on.

- Yeah, that's--

- I mean, but, I mean, OK. Crossing over is one thing. But to look down at him, like, get your butt up off that court, and then step back behind the three, and then to get a three ball to take Dosic, because he ran out there-- because you caught that, too. They caught him.

- Well, what else is he supposed to do?

- I ain't running that-- you ain't get me in that shot.

- That was awesome. That was awesome. That was a great move by James Harden.

- Yeah. But James Harden got away with a little bit of a forearm to the chest push.

- Always.

- Just a little bit.

- Always.

- And I don't compete-- I don't condemn Wesley Johnson. He's-- he's going backwards and he gets a little push, but I'm not going to call it. But what I'm saying that he stumbled backwards. And I don't think he's going to lose any sleep, Wesley Johnson, over this. Because to your point, I've seen better than that what James has done to other people.

- And he put it between his leg, the step back when-- he waited on him, like, get--

- The stare disease.

- Yeah.

- And that's classic.

- Gave him the appetizer like fried calamari because he know the entree was coming. That 3 ball the entree.

- OK. So the score at that point was 28 to 7, Houston. And that made it 31 to 7, which sounds like a football score. And it was the last night in February, on a Wednesday night.

OK. Now, how does that translate into the postseason?

- It has nothing to do with the postseason.

- Nothing.

- Noth-- nothing at all. Like I say, he's having an MVP year. And he's been doing this the last couple regular seasons.

- Three.

- Dominating.

- Yeah.

- That's not a secret. But we want to see what happens in the playoffs. He's-- something always happens when they don't win.

- Right.

- You know, you have Chris Paul now, another dominant player. We can see if y'all can go tit for tat, score a lot of points. But you're going to have to-- they both going to have to be on their A games to have any success in the playoffs. And I'm not saying that they just can get to the playoffs. I think that they can win the Western Conference. The way they playing right now with Chris Paul playing at the top of his game.

But if they not at the top of their game, they not going to win it. They have to be at the top of their game.

- Go, go ahead.

- I want to know, Stephen, how much do you-- like, I'll do scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most. How much do you trust this team in the postseason?

- I guess I'll have to say five, because I have to-- I have to go by what history tells me, you know. A lot of teams come in the playoffs and all that one on one stuff James do, they take that completely away.

- Take it away.

- Who else is going to be this.

- Yep.

- We've got to see what they can do. But Chris Paul's supposed to be the answer.

- Well, because the thing is, they are the only team that's going to get consistent. Because you shorten your bench come playoff time--

- Yeah.

- --and so now, you're going to get consistent point guard play. No other team can say they can get consistent point guard play.