Skip Bayless reveals how the Dallas Cowboys were robbed in the 2014 Divisional Round playoffs

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Skip Bayless reacts to the NFL Committee ruling Dez Bryant’s catch in the 2014 NFC Divisional playoff versus the Green Bay Packers should have been ruled a catch and will be in the future. Skip explains to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor how Dez and the Dallas Cowboys were robbed in the playoffs.

- Skip, what does this tell you?

- Finally. Finally somebody in power in the National Football League, publicly admitted that was a catch. Dez Bryant caught it. You know it, and I know it.

SHANNON SHARPE: Who are you going to side with on the catch, me or John Mara.

- I'm about to get to you in just a minute.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's what I need to know.

- The Dallas Cowboys clearly, as I've been saying over and over and over and over again, got robbed in that playoff game following the 2014 season at Lambeau Field. And Aaron Rodgers got an all time break, or Aaron Rodgers would now be four and seven in playoff games after his one and only Super Bowl that he did win. The Cowboys should've and would've won that playoff game at Green Bay. And I remind you, the Cowboys had already won in the regular season at Seattle. So I'm going to strongly suggest that they would have gone back to Seattle and won the NFC championship game and gone on to the Super Bowl they deserved to go to, because that was a catch.

Instead, I had to hear the NFL. I was forced, like in prison, to listen to the NFL spin it that he did not control the football all the way to the ground. Instead of being able to throw up the x, I had to sit in my living room and just throw up. Because all of a sudden, after the referee on the field ruled immediately. The referee standing right on top of the plate and said it was a catch. It was a touchdown. Nope, it's overruled by the league office because he didn't control the ball all the way to the ground. Time out.

He caught the football. He clearly controlled the football. He took one big stride. He shifted the football into his left hand, which is his dominant hand because he's left handed. And he attempted, a running back, to slam the football, which he clearly controlled onto the goal line, thereby trying to break the plane for a touchdown. Just the way running backs are allowed to try to, quote unquote, break the plane without controlling the football all the way to the ground. Dez, to his credit, lost control when he slammed it on the ground, but he never lost complete control of the football. He never fumbled it away.

It stayed on top of his body, and then he completely re controlled the football. And now for a year and a half on Undisputed, I have had to sit across from this man who is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And I have had--

SHANNON SHARPE: For doing what?

- What's that?

SHANNON SHARPE: Catching footballs.

- And I have had to listen to this man fraudulently use his Hall of Fame credentials to try to mislead the poor viewers out there into believing that wasn't a catch.

- Chris Carter said it wasn't a catch also.

SKIP BAYLESS: No, he switched. He switched. He came back around. He was the one-- he was one of the guys that were in the room that led to the two steps and all that other stuff. He said it wasn't a catch.

SKIP BAYLESS: He saw the light.


- Took him a while.

SHANNON SHARPE: I didn't see no light.

- Yes. He saw the light. But the point is that Shannon Sharpe is trying to convince people just because he is the ultimate Cowboy hater, that it wasn't a catch. When you can just see in his eyes, deep down into the windows into his soul, that he knows it was a catch.

SHANNON SHARPE: They can't see nothing.

SKIP BAYLESS: He caught so many footballs, and he knows what a catch is.


- And he saw Dez Bryant catch it, control it, make a, quote unquote, big football move with it, and then try in total control to slam the ball on the goal line. Wow. And it took an owner of the New York football Giants, one of our arch rivals within the NFC East, to finally enlighten the public. That yeah, that was a catch Thank you John Mara. Thank you NFL for finally publicly acknowledging what all the-- anybody with half a brain knew all along.