Stephen Jackson’s heated response to Zaza Pachulia’s dirty play on Westbrook: ‘I would’ve slapped him!’

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Stephen Jackson joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk Golden State Warriors center Zaza Pachulia after his incident with Russell Westbrook this weekend. How should the league punish Zaza who has a history of controversial, dirty plays?

- I'm joined once again by Stephen Jackson. How dirty is Zaza?

- He dirty. He's lucky he's in league at the right time. He would've gotten knocked out four or five times for the stuff he's done. The [INAUDIBLE] move in the playoffs, he definitely would've got taken out. I remember when Pop used to put me in games to go take hard fouls on certain guys. I would have took more than a foul on him in that game. I wish I was on OKC the other night, because I definitely would have slapped him for what he did to Russ.

It's no way-- Nick Young's foot is not 280 pounds strong where it can push you and knock you down where you standing straight up and you can't brace yourself. One thing-- this is a news flash where everybody's watching. Basketball players know how to fall. We go up for layups and crazy shots all the time and find a way to fall on our butts. So we know how to fall. He knows how to fall. That was intentional. Everything he does is dirty, and he does dirty things to make up for lack of talent. Let's be honest, he's not that good. And he's not even on the starting lineup no more, that tells you why he's not good.

But he's just a dirty player. This is another incident that they need to look at if guys like Kyrie speaking out, you've got different guys that's speaking out, and Russ is right. He could have easily braced himself. He didn't fall, he went to hurt this guy and league got to do something about it.

- Can I shake your hand for that? Thank you very much.

- Go ahead, Skip, that's your call. That's your guy, Pacheap Shot.

- What have I been calling him?

- Pacheap Shot.

- Zaza Pacheap Shot. He's a hockey goon. And he's so lucky he's playing in this day and age in your league. That's why I was so happy you were on with us. Because if we could roll back the clock, I don't know, six, eight years, maybe 10 years, he wouldn't be standing anymore, man.

- Oakland would've knocked his clock off.

- He would never do that with Oakland and Anthony Mason and Xavier Mc-- no, Rick Mahorn?

- Yeah. And you know what? I have lost respect for Golden State keeping him on its roster to do that dirty work. Because without Zaza Pacheap Shot last year in the West Conference finals, I'm convinced the Spurs would've won the series. That's just me. They're up 23 mid third quarter of game one at Oakland. I'm pretty sure they're going to hang on to win that game with Kawhi Leonard and Zaza slips his foot as I'm sure we've seen again and again under Kawhi's sneaker as Kawhi's coming down. And that's the end of that series, because that's the end of the Spurs.

- Ankle that was already hurt. The ankle's already hurt.

- It was already hurt against Houston. So again, his value to them is cheap shots, taking people out. And yeah, it didn't-- like, I don't think Russ was all that threatened by him coming down the way he came down. I don't think it was a dangerous situation. But he wanted it to be when it started. He just didn't catch him right before Russ had gone completely down. So he didn't get Russ's knees at a dangerous, vulnerable angle.

So he's been all over Russ before, and I can't believe that our whole game got played the rest of the way and nobody on Oklahoma City did anything about it. I don't know. Russ, Russ had said going back two years ago, I'm going to get even with him.

- Or that hard screen at the--

- That's where we just knock him down?

- [INAUDIBLE] the court.

- The intent was the same both fouls, though. The intent was to hurt him both times.

- So what is Russ really going to do at 6'3"-- is he seven feet? I guess he's seven feet tall.

- Oh, easy.

- All right, so what's Russ going to do? Stephen Jackson? Yeah, he can do something. He can take his pound of flesh.

- Steve Adams.

- Steven Adams could. And I'm not advocating flat out violence, but you just have to send a message back. Just something. You've got to knock him down.

- You got to protect your stars, you have to.

- I'm not advocating-- because like you said, hockey goon. Tie Domi would skate around and you'd do something to his star, and he'd go take you out. Well OK, I'm going to catch you with a hard forearm when he come into the lane, I'm going to catch you one of these [INAUDIBLE] right up under his chin. Because how many times you going to do that? I mean, look how he's falling. He wasn't trying, He wasn't even going to fall, he's like-- and then he fall on the man's knees.

- So Golden State has potentially four Hall of Famers on their team, four all-stars as you constantly point out. And they need a hockey goon, an enforcer, really, on top of that?

- He ain't no enforcer.

- And they get away with it?

- Draymond's more of an enforcer than he is.

- Who's that?

- Draymond. Draymond's the enforcer of that team. He's a big stiff running around and tripping over his own feet all the time, that's what he is.

- Russ, you got to foul somebody. At some point in time, you know-- I mean, I understand that the commission doesn't want this.

- It can be Russ though. It got to be somebody on that bench. It got to be somebody--

- Somebody that you can lose for a game or two.

- You got to have a pawn out there. You've got to have somebody you can throw out there to go out there-- like you said, the hockey guy. Each NBA team-- I was that guy on a lot of teams. I wasn't the guy to go out there and knock somebody out, but I went and took a hard foul, or I went and fouled their star. Eye for an eye.