Skip Bayless reveals why Westbrook’s Thunder is a bigger threat than Houston to dethrone the Warriors

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In his discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless unveils why he believes Russell Westbrook, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony and the rest of the Thunder are a bigger threat than James Harden's Rockets in terms of challenging Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors.

- I believe the Thunder are a much bigger threat to Golden State than Houston is.

- Really?

SKIP BAYLESS: And I agree with all of your facts, but not your take away.


- Oklahoma City plays way down to the level of competition. It took [INAUDIBLE] shot by Russ last night, to save them at Sacramento. They have 10 bad losses already this year on the schedule. 10 bad ones. And again, they'd already lost at Sacramento once. They almost lost twice. They've lost to Dallas twice. They've lost to Orlando, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Phoenix. These are horrible--


- --losses by a legitimate threat, OK?

SHANNON SHARPE: Yes, correct.

- But, to your first point, they broke through twice against Golden State and it wasn't close. They crushed Golden State at Oklahoma City. And that was like breaking through the psychological barrier for Russell against Kevin Durant, who just owned him a year ago, as you recall.


- As they faced off for the first time since, obviously Kevin left Oklahoma City. And in this case, I think Russell went into the two Golden State games this year thinking, at least I have some star presence on my left and right.


- Now maybe they're not star quality, maybe they don't give you star performances. But I will say, in that second game at Golden State, Paul George scored 38 points. Remember Melo got hurt early in that game, so it was just the two of them basically doing it. But look at Russell's lines against Golden State. He went 34, 10, and 9. And then he went 34, 9, and 9. That's sensational against, obviously, the best team in basketball.

- Right. And Klay is a great defender, and he's giving it to him.

- He's trying to give it to him. Yeah. Klay's trying to give it to him--

- Yeah,right. But he's giving it to Klay.

- --and it's not working, he's giving it to Klay. So to me, they have figured out how to play Golden State. But they haven't figured out, on a nightly basis, how to beat Sacramento. And I don't love it, but I will say this about Russell Westbrook. He has become the best clutch shooter in basketball.

And it's really not even close. Because now he's got three game winning shots in the last five seconds this year. And over the last two years, he's got seven in the last 10 seconds that are game winners. And that's what? Four more than anybody else? My God, I mean, he just keeps-- when I'm watching Oklahoma City, if he gets the ball late, I'm like, that'll go in.

SHANNON SHARPE: But you know, Skip, the unsung guy is Steven Adams. Skip, he's become a monster. Last year, you and I beat him up, because we didn't see the way-- because the way he played to get that $100 million contract, we didn't see that last year.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, we know he's capable, you know.

- This dude is a monster.

SKIP BAYLESS: OK, so against Golden State, he had 14 and 12 the first game, and 14 and 10 the second game. Well that'll work, because that's enough.

- Because now, plus you get 38 from Paul George, you're getting 34 from Russ. Because you've got to beat them on the board, Skip. You can't give them second chances. Watching the game last night, the Clippers gave them second chances, and then the Steph drains a long three. And then Klay drains a long three, then KD--

SKIP BAYLESS: And by the way, Steve Curry still having lineup issues, because he took Zaza-- he benched Zaza in favor of Javale.