Skip on the Cavs’ loss to Wizards: ‘That looked like the mess that Dan Gilbert got rid of at the trade deadline’

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Skip Bayless criticizes LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers' performance last night against the John Wall-less Washington Wizards. Is the Cavs' current roster really an upgrade over its season opening roster?

- Oh well. I guess LeBron still doesn't have enough help.

- Oh, my goodness, Skip, stop!

- I guess he still doesn't have enough help. So much for all those new Cavs on the block, right? Just-- it just-- they look like the old Cavs, right?

- Did you expect them to go 26 and 0?

- I did not.

- OK.

- But you didn't sing, (SINGING) I'm so hood. Right, you didn't sing it.

- Oh, OK, you got jokes now. [INAUDIBLE]

- You know why? Because last night, you were so hoodwinked, weren't you, in the fourth quarter?

- Yeah, man.

- Because Rodney Hood, new Cav, played 10 and 1/2 minutes of the fourth quarter and scored a big old goose egg.

- Yes.

- Jordan Clarkson played six minutes in the fourth quarter and scored a big old goose egg.


- So that didn't work, and I will give you-- it does to a fault come down for these Cavs to 3-point shooting. And fourth Korver last night in the fourth quarter went 1 for 5. That's not good enough, that won't get it done.

And so to your point, with 5:19 left in the second quarter, I'm sitting in my chair thinking, they got this. Because I thought they'd win this game by 20 against the no John Wall Wizards, although the Wizards are starting to look a little better without John Wall, no surprise here.

- Stop it.

- I'm not the biggest John Wall fan. But 5:19 left in the second quarter, boom, they're up 12.


- Looking pretty good, kind of looking like they did at Boston with the new Cavs on the block and at Oklahoma City with the new Cavs on the block.


- And then from that point forward, they lost at home the rest of that game, 77 to 58. That felt like the old Cavs.

- Mm hm.

- That looked like the mess that Dan Gilbert got rid of at the trade deadline. And what shocked me the most was, I hear you about all you said about 3-point shooting. Unfortunately, all of basketball, both pro and college to a fault, comes down to 3-point shooting.

But it also can come down to defending. And in this case, LeBron said, on defense we were flying around. Well, if they were really flying around last night, they were flying the wrong ways. Because I counted up 17 layups they allowed last night and seven dunks they allowed last night. That's horrendously bad. And it seemed like late second quarter all the way through the second half, all I saw was a layup line or a dunk line by the Washington Wizards against the Cavaliers in Lebron's house?

- Yes.

- And I got to tell you, this team has to be better than that on defense, because I saw it be better at Boston and at Oklahoma City.

- Right.

- They cared on defense.


- They were locking up and down on defense, and--

- They played that way in the first quarter.

- They did, and I don't know what happened. But, look, LeBron actually-- I thought you undersold. I thought offensively, he was really good last night.

- Oh, he can't play any better than that, 13 of 18, 72% from the floor.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, and I tweeted at one point when he took a 3-point shot in the fourth quarter, like, with a couple of minutes left, stop taking 3-point shots, because they cannot stop you from getting to the basket. They can't stop-- Washington's got nobody who can stop LeBron James. Seriously, if he had committed to coming out before the tipoff and scoring 50 points the way he did in a previous game against Washington, could he have scored 50 last night?

- Looked like it.

- I'm pretty sure he could have scored 50. And maybe he should have scored 50, because his teammates couldn't go along for the ride last night. But you have to play some defense. And to me, LeBron, in his-- what are we up to now, 15th year?

SHANNON SHARPE: 15th season.

- He's all offense and little defense, and it's starting to bother my eyes, because he's better than that on defense. I thought he was just roaming and sometimes loafing on defense last night, where he was just taking it easy on defense, because he wanted to play offense. And I get it. A lot of guys do that. But if he is the best player on the planet, he's got to set a better tone on defense, because you can't give up 17 layups and seven dunks and hope to go challenge Golden State.